What I have Learned By Watching Classic Films: Part One

I learn so much from watching films, don't you? I either learn what not to do or what I would like to do or sometimes I just learn that its nice to just sit back and watch a good film. Either way, I never walk away from a film and feel as though I didn't gain something watching it. In very rare cases I walk away thinking, "wow that was a really horrible film". But honestly so far I have not walked away from any classic films and thought that. I don't think I ever will.

Here are a few things I have learned by watching classic films:

Have you learned anything from watching a classic film and if so, which film was it?

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  1. i cannot pin point one specific thing i've learned, but i'm constantly gleaning so many things from every movie. Weather its small observations about the lifestyle or a character or a more obvious plot/message, i always treasure and never regret time spent peeking into bygone days.
    i love what you learned, its so good :)

  2. Beautiful lessons. I think one thing that stands out to be amount many vintage films is the importance of having a great work effort and that, in turn, putting in some elbow grease, buckling down and getting job done will often reward you handsomely (and don't just mean financially by any stretch of the imagination) in the long run.

    ♥ Jessica


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