Dressing Up For Your Blog. Say What?


Dressing up for your blog?!? I plead guilty. I just realized that I have been dressing up for my blog! Unlike many vintage bloggers and fans, I don't dress up everyday. My everyday is practical jeans and yoga pants. I need to keep it real because my lifestyle includes tending to a house and three small children that are going to smoosh their chocolate covered hands on me at some point in the day. Bravo to the women that do and that can. I greatly admire them.

I do like to dress up for outings and events and although that happens about 2-3 times a month, I found myself shopping for vintage dresses and accessories not just for those outtings but so I have something nice to wear and show my amazing readers.

Dear readers, I have woken up and smelled the white chocolate mocha. I can't be dressing up for anyone BUT me. What I mean by that is, I have nothing to prove to anyone, right? Right!


When I first entered into the lifestyle three years ago I really felt the pressure (that I put on myself) to look the part. I have always been a old fashioned girl at heart, mind, and lifestyle but I didn't look the part. I feared my new friends and readers wouldn't believe I was unless I dressed like a 40s maven or 50s housewife.

I don't know what happened to make me realize that I was doing this, but I am so grateful I did and so is my wallet and my closet.

I have begun purging and letting go of many pieces that just didn't fit me right, were not flattering, or were an impulse purchase. I also now know what my vintage style is. Both points make such a difference in how I shop now.

Every piece I purchase will be for me which is the way it should have been but life is all about learning. This journey into vintage is sure teaching me a lot!

How about you? Do you find yourself shopping for your blog?

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  1. I also have to admit that I'm not wearing Vintage everyday! It isn't practical at school etc.
    I do wear my high waisted jeans from Rumble59 and some dresses at school during the summer. I don't care what everyone else thinks about my style but everything Vintage means a lot to me than school so I wear and do what I want to wear and do and there are people and fellow students that appreciate that I 'dare' to wear what I like. But it's still at school and there are people who have their own opinion of what I wear but even that won't change me or my style.

    xoxo Emma

  2. AnonymousJuly 31, 2014

    I don't have a blog (But I'm planning to start one) but it's an interesting thought.
    I don't dress every day in true vintage, but what I do wear is styled 'vintage'. Be it a reproduction dress or an outfit put together from charity shop and high street finds.

    I often get comments on how well 'put together' I am with my outfits and colleagues are surprised when I tell them what I am wearing isn't true vintage. I also don't have specific clothes for 'best', yes, I have clothes that aren't suitable for the office, but generally I wear my wardrobe all year round. Why relegate dresses to the back of the closet for a special occasion that is only once a year, when it can be worn regularly, just dressed down for day to day.

    I dress like this because I like it and I know it suites me and I am now beyond worrying about the looks I get on the tube going to work! I feel good and I think that projects out.
    Of course getting positive comments and compliments is lovely, but that's not why I dress the way I do.

    I try to encourage others to be the same, be it a vintage style or not. Wear what you like when you like. It'll make you feel good and when you feel confident in yourself anything it possible!

  3. really, really love this, daffny!!! you echoed my thoughts on this so many times over. i too live in jeans and t-shirts because wearing a 70 year old dress around two drooling bassets and my klutzy self isn't going to work. which is another reason i turned to rockabilly. i love how they can dress up and vintagefy {yay, i created a new vintage word} an outfit with a simple cardi or blouse, even a cute t-shirt.

    there's no need to dress to impress, unless it's yourself. :) thanks, girl!

  4. yeah.... Right now I'm bumming around the house in shorts and a t-shirt. I do usually dress vintage for work and if I'm going out somewhere and those are the bits that get photographed for my blog. I have in the past worn vintage or vintage style everyday but I'm in a season of my life where that is just not practical. And that's totally ok.

  5. I don't dress strictly vintage every day, but do most days. I will not wear my vintage dresses for housecleaning like scrubbing toilets, I have sewn some simple housedresses for just such days and wearing aprons protects your clothing a lot. However, there's nothing wrong with spending time in jeans or yoga pants, lol. When I wear a housedress even though I have no plans to leave my home, it's because it makes me feel better and for my enjoyment. To me one of the things I love about wearing vintage is the ability and freedom to look how I want, and that changes from day to day.

  6. AnonymousJuly 31, 2014

    I totally understand your sentiments here. I often find myself not blogging unless I have an event, so in a way, I do dress up for my blog. However I do wear vintage on a daily basis, though often it isn't a real "look"...not sure how to phrase that. Like sometimes I just toss on a zip front house dress and do my daily chores and then loaf about or whatnot.


  7. I also dress up for my blog, but in the same way I dress up for any event that is more than just going to work. I have a pretty physical job that ensures I am a hot mess by the end of the day, so there is little point (and even less practicality) in dressing cute. But I do tend to always add a little something retro or rockabilly to my daily look, even if it is just an accessory. I don't think there's anything wrong with dressing up for your blog, or for a wedding, or a business meeting. But if you're spending money on items that get no use, we'll that's just silly (and totally something I am guilty of!).

    Hellcat Vintage

  8. I only dress up if I go somewhere, when I'm home I just wear t shirts and shorts. When I go out I wear my 60s vintage.

  9. I understand! I haven't been doing it too much, but I do always think "I should find SOMETHING vintage to wear. I gotta represent!" Actually, I've always loved vintage fashion, and I'm working on transforming and reinventing my wardrobe as we speak. It's a slow, expensive process! But it's because I admire the people that do dress up all the time. Why go on wishing I was like that and not do anything about it? Yet, I still veer towards my comfy tshirt and jeans six days out of the week. :-/

  10. I look at my vintage wardrobe as kind of an art form so I want to really take care of the pieces that I really like. Cleaning house and taking care of the kids wouldn't quite be practical in a Lilli Ann:) The thing to is that we both know most of our supply of vintage must come from the internet and most times it is non-returnable so it is a bit of a chore to resell and hope you get your money back from it. I give a lot of credit to the people who sell vintage full time. It's a lot of work to photograph and detail all the wear of an item. It isn't like a new piece of clothing. Also, there are just some pieces that I have gotten that I don't think could be resold. But, that is the gamble:) I am now trying to find more casual things to wear. I do find it isn't quite easy to find good fitting vintage tops. I found lots of skirts but tops are not easy. I know I am totally digressing. I also wanted to say and I have thought of this quite often....think about how many great experiences you have had because you thought that you'd like to wear vintage for a specific event. Or the times you may have been bumming around the house and because you set up an agenda to go someplace nice you know have this personal experience to remember. I'm sure you'll never forget those grand photo shoots:)

  11. I know what you mean about find your own style within vintage. For a long time when I first began wearing vintage I would buy anything if they said it was vintage. I've learnt a lot, about vintage and myself, and now I feel much more comfortable picking out pieces that are both good quality vintage and also something I'm actually going to feel like me in. I'm so happy for you that you have come to find a balance which works just right for you and your life.
    Rowena x

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this! I don't do a full outfit just for photos, but I definitely slap on some lipstick and a petticoat when it's picture taking time. It's nice to hear someone else talk about the little things that we, as bloggers, do that fictionalizes our lives a little bit. I don't have kids so I do usually dress up a little bit on a daily basis, but I don't usually manage to look quite as put together as I do for those few minutes where I'm taking photos.
    Jessica, cakesandcakesvintage.blogspot.com

  13. Thank you ladies for all of these wonderful and sweet comments! I'm really glad this post struck up this conversation and appreciate you reading it!! xox

  14. Most days I'll wear a vintage top and pair it with my fav jeans or shorts. But I stopped doing my ootd posts because I felt like it was more "piece of the day". Coming up with a whole outfit can take time. And I don't want people to think I only own one pair of jeans. Not to mention cleaning up my home before taking photos. Lol.
    <3 Lindsay,


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