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by - September 06, 2015

I'm not one to fall for the hype of things on social media but then I saw a photo of a really cute organizer floating around and it peaked my interest. I am a girl who likes to write lists, who needs lists to remember the fifty different tiny things I have to remember during the day. So after looking up that popular organizer I decided to make the investment and score one for myself.

I can say to you all right now that it was worth every cent! is this really cute online shop that sells cell phones cases, pens, notebooks, and other utterly adorable items. I always look at their site but I never bought anything until now. After getting this organizer I am hooked!

The organizer is hardcover and super thick. It covers some of 2015 all the way to 2017. It basically covers 17 months so this is an investment that will last you quite some time. Inside there are traditional calender pages, individual monthly pages, fun quotes, pages to write lists, a pink ribbon bookmark, a band to hold the book closed, even a sheet of stickers and a folder at the back.

This is every busy girls dream agenda come true. It really is meant to keep you organized but in a fun and creative way. Its very girly but also on point when it comes to things you need in order to remember things. This organizer will be my go-to book for the next 17 months. I am already having a blast filling it up with everything this blogger and mama of three kiddies (who are now all in school) needs to remember.

I am very busy
shop bando
Cool Organizer

Okay, admit it, isn't it just too cute! This agenda reminded me a bit of my high school agendas. I went to a all girls Catholic School and no pun intended but they were like our bibles. They had everything in it that we needed to get organized including a place to put our class schedules. I loved those and I bet you wouldn't be surprised to know I still have all four of them tucked away in a memory box in a closet.

What do you think of this organizer from Do you flourish having an organizer? Are you a list person?

P.S.  If you cannot get it through their online shop (link was shared above) you can also score it through Amazon.

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  1. That is one seriously cute and very, very charming organizer. I can totally see why you're smitten - I am not too. Both the list maker and the paper crafter in me adore it!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Gotta get me one!! I love organizers so much to remember and i like a hard copy of my life especially since my memory is so unreliable! !