Monday, November 30, 2015

November Links To Love

To my surprise I have actually been looking forward to the winter months. I never do and I have no idea why I am now, but I think change can be good. This part of the world is at its final days of Autumn and prepping for the holiday season and I am honestly looking forward to it all. White Chocolate Mocha's never tasted better than in the colder months, in my opinion anyway.

Here I am to share with you my recent finds and I found some really good ones. I love reading articles about undiscovered or untouched homes that become these unintentional time capsules. I also am really digging vintage food articles just because they can be so entertaining. Every time I read one I can't help but wonder what those vintage recipes really tasted like. But overall, each one was real fun and informative to read. I hope you enjoy peaking at a few of these when you can.



I think my favorite finds were the 1960's secret affair and the classic tv history articles. Aside from the untouched homes and recipes of course.

What vintage reads have you discovered lately? Any of these peak your interest?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Lovely Afternoon At The Manhattan Vintage Show

Last month I attended the Manhattan Vintage Show for the third time. This time I did something a little different. The night before I was torn on whether I should wear vintage from head to toe or just go with my vintagey look instead. I decided to go a little more comfy with my look but I did manage to wear this great 1960's blouse I scored on Etsy that comes with a bow tie! It's just so cute! I paired it with a scalloped cardigan from Anthropologie, my Gap jeans, Boden jean jacket, and my 60's hair. It was new for me to go to this event dressed this way but I was so much more comfortable.

I know other bloggers have covered this topic but I do sometimes feel very costumey wearing vintage head to toe. Blending modern vintage inspired pieces with authentic vintage pieces has made me a lot happier, a lot more comfy, and I feel more like myself.

Before I drove away to the event my hubby surprised me with my first Adele cd. I know I am late in discovering her but better late than never. We played her amazing music in the car drive into the city and I "sang" the whole way over. Poor hubby!

At the show, I mingled and spoke to a lot of great sellers. I passed out my blogs cards and collected theirs. I met so many nice people. I typically don't spend more than $40 dollars at a show. I don't know why, I just don't go in there hoping to buy everything I see. I am just happy to get to touch a vintage Dior or Chanel outfit. By the way, they are divine!

Here is a little look to my lovely afternoon at the Manhattan Vintage Show:

I tried on a few fabulous coats but I only scored some rings and a pair of earrings. They are Lucite and I feel like they will add just the right dash that I am looking for.

If you are ever in New York for a visit I really recommend going to this show. Its wonderful to be around so many passionate vintage sellers and seeing so many incredible vintage pieces in person. The show happens three times a year and I included a link at the beginning of this post. If you do ever visit here, I hope you go and if you have been to this event, how did you like it?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fascinating Upcoming Period Films

A Vintage Nerd

Period films are my next favorite type of film next to classic films. I love seeing how modern film directors interpret other eras. I especially like looking at the masterpieces that so many set and costume designers create for a period film. Its like that little piece of time comes alive once again for all of us to see.

There are quite a few period films that are out now or are coming out within the next few months. Depending on what state or country you live in some of these may be in theaters already.

I'm eager to see quite a few of them in particular; Brooklyn, Suffragette, The Dressmaker, oh heck-who am I kidding. I want to see them all and if I can see them in the theater then great but if not with a little patience they will be available on the small screen in our own homes via Netflix or Cinema Now.

Here are a few to keep your eye out for:

Testament of Youth
Bridge of Spies
Tom Hiddleston
The Dressmaker

Have you seen any of these yet? If so, which ones? Do you highly recommend any of them? Many of them are based on true stories or based on a book, do you know of any of these stories? Have you read any of the books already? Let me know your thoughts!

I hope you all get to watch some of these soon and if I get the chance to see any of them I will definitely write up a review for you!

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Evolving Everyday Vintagey Look

Everything evolves, especially fashion. So many of us love vintage because  modern fashions have evolved in a way may not always suit our tastes. Truthfully, I feel my most beautiful when I am wearing a vintage dress. I love the way it fits on me (when it does fit on me) and I love the way so many of them compliment my figure. My favorites are the shirt dresses that leave plenty of room for all the goodies that motherhood has given me. But finding them has been harder and harder to do so I was left with a predicament. Do I give up dressing up in vintage or do I allow my style to evolve?

I can share with you now that I have chosen to evolve and you are going to see a lot more of that here. You can also see more of it on my Instagram HERE. Please stop by and say hi!

So as much as I admire and drool over the vintage babes who dresses old school head to toe my current lifestyle demands something else. I may have said it before but practicality and comfort have to be in my style equation.

I think if you are trying to find your sense of style definitely think about the life that you lead at that moment and how your style can fit into it. Walking around like a 60's housewife in bouffants and cat eyeliner just isn't jiving with my day-to-day living. And although I may not dress up every single day I do still dress up,  just a little bit differently.

I have been experimenting with what aspects of vintage fashion that I love that I can acquire in order to create a look or looks that suit my life where it is as well as express who I am and display my lifelong passion for vintage.

1960's Hair
Bow Tie Fashion

Cardigans, Collars, and Bow Ties. They make me happy, I feel really comfy wearing those pieces and I can wear them with skirts or jeans or dresses and oh my. You'll be seeing more of my experimentation in the coming  months as I am working on collecting the pieces I need to help me create the looks I desire.

The photos in this post are a little experiment I did with my Boden Peter Pan collar blouse, Maurice Burgundy Cardigan, and regular pair of jeans. I simply grabbed one of the hair bows I purchased at Claire's Accessories and clipped it right in. I added a pair of vintage stud earrings and a vintage plaid headband all from the 1960's and there you have it.

I felt comfy and cute and fancy free. What do you think? Any recommendations as I continue on my style journey?

And remember, you don't have to dress pure vintage or reproduction to be a vintage girl. Old fashioned values, appreciation for the past, and love for history are all inside of you.
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