12 Very Good Reasons To LOVE Downtown Abbey

What is not to love about Downton Abbey? Just nothing I think! But just in case you didn't have many reasons to love the show, I compiled a small list of reasons why DA is so worthy of your time and affection.

I promise that I will not give out any spoilers (not intentionally anyway) especially for those who have yet to see the show or yet to watch Season Four (the current season). The photos are a compilation of Seasons One to Four. Also, the list is not set to importance but rather to all the fantastic things one can find while watching the show and reveling in the amazing writing and story lines!

The first is one of the most entertaining and that is Mrs. Patmore-the head of the kitchen. Her quick whit and one liners just make watching the show so much fun and she makes so much darn sense. I think the wisest women in the entire show are Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. Hughes, and the Countess of Grantham (The Dowager). I love how straight up Mrs. Patmore is and clearly she is one smart cookie!

The Dowager Countess (Robert's mother). I mean what words come to mind but that she is feisty, strong willed, and determined to keep to the old ways of things. She is a symbol of their traditions and her role on the show is vital. She is a constant reminder that there are proper ways of doing things and that keeping to the rules is a valuable trait to behold. Let's not forget her famous one liners. She is quite the whipper snapper!

The fashion is something your eyes can feast on for days. The series began with the Edwardian era in 1912 and is now currently set in the early 1920's (the Jazz Age) so the fashion you see is just divine. The costume designers for this show should be applauded, truly. Each piece is so beautifully made and such care is taken to ensure it reflects the time and the status of the one wearing it. It really is a sight to behold!

Carson and Mrs. Hughes, what a pair they are! They have each other's backs and that of the household and their staff. Mrs. Hughes is the lady who can keep a secret and really lend her hand and support others. I love watching how she handles difficult situations and I love the friendship between these two.

Sibling rivalry. That is always something to keep your eye on. I don't have any sisters so I find the dynamic of the sisters and how different each of them are to be fascinating.

Thomas is naught sometimes but I adore him. He has such great potential and is such a strong and determined character. I look forward to seeing the mischief he gets himself into.

Who doesn't love a wedding? Beautiful gowns and celebrations galore. Happy occasions put smiles on our faces and I hope we get to see more wedding at Downton!

Daisy may hide in the shadows a bit a Downton but she has come a long way and one cannot help but cheer her on. I hope she finds true love and gets the happiness she has been searching for.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bates. If there ever was a love that will be long lasting it is there's! I look forward to seeing them as two little old people celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I just cannot help but love the way these two love each other. Sigh.

Branson or Tom or Tom Branson. It doesn't matter what you call him but his whole life changes by the power of love in ways he never dreamed it would. There is nothing but love for this character. He is sweet and kind, passionate and Irish, and by golly you just want to root for him to succeed at anything he does. Team Branson!

Lady Rose who is the great niece of the Dowager Countess. She is vivacious, energetic, and yearning to live life to the fullest. That is something people of her status do not often get to do. Watching her bring a sense of youth and vitality into the series has been exciting. She goes by the beat of her own drummer and its so refreshing to watch.

Lastly, how fun it is to see the times changes at Downton? Watching technology and the modern world seep into this stately home little by little is a blast to see. Some of these moments might easily go unnoticed but there are many scattered about throughout the series and it stays true to the times changing. Just because it may be a home filled with Lords and Ladies it doesn't mean that they cannot progress and move forward into what the future of an ever changing world holds.

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  1. What a lovely list of things you have picked out. I love Downton Abbey and this made me think about why which was interesting. Think it is the final episode of the season on Sunday in the UK, very upsetting!

    1. I agree Kate. The show is so well written and I am a sucker for good story telling hehe xox

  2. I love this series. I usually wait for Netflix so I'm not sure what is going on this season. I was sad last year when some of the main characters wouldn't be returning. I hope that nothing this serious happens this season. Love this recap D:)

    1. I wish Netflix put things on a little sooner. You won't be disappointed-the stories are amazing this season!! xox

  3. Fantastic post, dear Dafffny - I also really liked your title for it (I think more list posts need the words "very good" in their titles). I've seen all of season and one and two of DA, but am behind on the newer episodes. Perhaps once the quite lull of winter's long evenings sets in soon, I'll have time to finally catch up.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Definitely all good reasons to love the show, I've been following it from the very start with all its ups and downs. I do think it's very cleverly written. Hopefully we will get a slightly more upbeat ending to the current series than to the last one, I was so upset last time around!

    1. I couldn't agree with you more Helen! I hope for that too!! xox

  5. Ok-- I have seen every Downton so far that the STATES have! How'd you get some of these pics?! ;) I'm waiting eagerly for January!
    I adore this show! The sarcasm of the Countess kills me! So funny! And being Irish myself, team Branson all the way! ;) My two sisters and I all watch this, but being complete opposites, we watch separately! HA!!! I don't mind being the middle child, and thus Edith; she's coming into her own this season! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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