About A Vintage Nerd

Being a native New Yorker has it perks. There is so much to explore in the city! So I am constantly reminded about the importance of learning and trying new things.

Juggling a disability, a marriage, a home, and three small (and adorable) children isn't an easy task for anyone to undertake. But I am here to share with you and show you how you can face challenges, become a daring dreamer, and do it with vintage flare! 

I will share with you my passion for vintage and show you how I apply that passion to my everyday life. In sharing about the past I hope that you will find inspiration that you can take with you on your own journey. 

My goal is to tap into your aesthetics and cerebral sense and provide you a place where you can learn something new and hopefully get inspired.

What you will get from reading A Vintage Nerd blog:

  • Reviews on classic film/tv shows as well as period films/tv shows
  • Insight in the Golden Age of Hollywood
  • Reviews on books steeped in the past
  • A dash of history and historical information
  • How to incorporate vintage into your daily modern life
  • Celebrating and Encouraging body positivism
  • My personal style that is inspired by Old Hollywood