SAVE Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Last month I shared with you the fabulous show about a women detective named Phryne Fisher. Here in the states Season One is available on Netflix and Season Two has aired already in Australia. Some of you may have already seen Season One and are longing for Two, some of you may have caught Season Two and are longing for the Christmas Special-either way one just cannot get enough of Miss Fisher!!

Season Three has not been announced just yet and there is talk that there might not be one. I can attest to the fact that each episode gets better and better and the story lines juicer. It really is some amazing television! To support Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries I found a petition that could help save the show and allow it to be signed on for another season. You and I know that it should be but you know the workings in tvland is about the mighty dollar.

So, swing on by and sign the petition. Every little bit helps. If you can, also share this post with others or the link and pass the word on! We cannot lose more period themed shows on our watch!! Here is the link to the Petition: SAVE Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

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  1. Hopping over to sign at once! My mom absolutely adores this show and the l'd hate to think that she, like yourself and so many fans the world over, would be be robbed of a potential third season if enough votes fail to come in. Thank you for posting about this, dear Daffny, I might never have learned of it had you not.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. AAAAHHHH!!!! Just started watching!! Noooooo!!! I'm heading over to sign now!

  3. Done! Love Phryne & Jack in New York!!!!


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