Being Inspired By Dorothy

I  haven't met a person who didn't enjoy The Wizard of Oz on some level. There is something magical about this story and the way it was interpreted in 1939 that always leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I decided to put together a Dorothy inspired outfit for my birthday. A bit of modern, a bit of vintage, a bit casual, but all Dorothy.

I wore my Freddies of Pinewood Jeans paired up with a blue/white plaid blouse from NY & Company and my white cropped cardi from Old Navy. I included a thrifted white belt (purchased for 2.00), a white wicker handbag (purchased for 5.00 dollars), and a matching brooch/earrings set in the theme of a hot air balloon. I finished off the look by adding on some hair combs to pull my hair back from my face and tied up my hair in curled up piggy tails. I think I managed to create a pretty cute and attainable Dorothy inspired look. What do you think?

Dorothy and I also have a bit in common. Aside from enjoying some piggy tails once in a while, a adoration for blue plaid (anything), and a major dislike of wicked witches-we also believed there was no place like HOME. I know not everyone is blessed with a home where they are happy but when you find that happiness, well there isn't anywhere in the world you would rather be.

Like Dorothy, I too have some munchkins-my three little loves. Because of them (and my husband), I know wherever they are, I am home.

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  1. Aww, what a splendidly charming Dorthy inspired look! I could absolutely see her rocking that if she was a vintage loving lass in the 21st century. You're as cute as Toto here, honey!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. So cute! :D I adore The Wizard of Oz. I was in a production of it in high school and I also adore the musical Wicked!

  3. I like your inspiration and your outfit! The Wizard of Oz is such a great film. Hope you had a fantastic birthday.

  4. A super cute outfit and homage to Dorothy. I love how you gave her a modern twist. You are so right that the best place to be home is with your family.

  5. Nice outfit- a winter version, which looks great on you :)
    Love your 'home' too ;) I think I spy a mini-Daffny there too... next thing you know she'll be wanting to dress like Dorothy too!

  6. It looks like your birthday was full of wonderful blessings. Yes, there are a lot of life lessons we can learn from Dorothy as in "there is no place like home".

    Totally digging your outfit. I could so put this together. And probably will in the future. :)

    The Fictionista

  7. You look really pretty!
    But where is your ruby shoes???
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  8. You are just too cute for words!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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