Must See TV: Call the Midwife Season Three

Call the Midwife returns to the States on March 30th! Season Three is on its way! There haven't been any announcements as to when it will air in the UK yet but keep your eyes peeled!

***Spoiler Alert**

In the recent Christmas Special we last saw that the nuns at Nonnatus House lose their home because it was commended due to a bomb exploding nearby. In season three, we will see the sisters and midwives finding a new home and Shelagh (formely Sister Evangeline) in smart suit-perhaps their new secretary?

And there will be a new addition by the name of Sister Winifred! How exciting!?

Lots of changes and new stories to share in the new season this year. You can see and read more at the PBS site here. Who is looking forward to watching Season Three of Call the Midwife?

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  1. Once I saw the words (thank for putting them there!) "spoiler alert" I scrolled through the text quickly so as to not learn anything before I've seen it. Hope to soon!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Yes, I will add spoiler alerts any time I write any extra information about a show or film...most times I won't but thanks for noticing! xox

  3. I'm eagerly awaiting Series 3 which starts here in the UK in just over a week's time. The Christmas Special was wonderful! I love to read about overseas viewers falling in love with the show too, so I shall revisit your blog when the series starts in the US.
    P.S. Just one small point: Shelagh was formerly Sister Bernadette. Sister Evangelina is played by the wonderful Pam Ferris.


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