Working Towards Some Outstanding Goals for 2014

Do any of you still do New Year's resolutions? Many of you know already from by previous blog (Bunny's Victory) that I am very goal oriented. I mean just because you may not have the time or finances available to so something big in your life or to make changes, it doesn't mean you can't focus on what you want and work towards those goals no matter how long they take to be realized. Right? RIGHT!

I have no clue what is in store for me for 2014. But I do have a few goals that I would like to share with you and one in particular that will affect this blog. One of my goals for the new year is to celebrate my birthday this month. I enjoy the planning of the events for my children/family but when it comes to me I kind of drag my feet a little. This year I want to celebrate it Wizard of Oz style. I mean the 75th Anniversary is this year and the story is so magical and everyone needs some magic in their life.

My most imminent goal for this year for my blog is taking on a 365 day blogging challenge. I know that blogging is a challenge as is for most of us because it does take a great deal of time, energy, patience, and creativity...add on a home to tend to, three small children, two with homework to do every night, and partridge and a pear tree and boy it can get challenging. I like a good challenge and I need to keep myself going creatively and so I hope you will enjoy my future posts as I take on this MASSIVE endeavor.

A few other goals include reading more, learning more about classic film and old hollywood, finishing the redecorating of my home, and expanding my creativity when it comes to my wardrobe (vintage and modern).

I have two BIG family goals that will hopefully be set in motion in 2014 but will not be executed until 2015. That is a trip with my family (hubby and children in tow) to Disney World in Florida and also a trip to London, England with my husband for our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Here's hoping I can make these two incredible goals happen. What goals do you have for yourself this year?

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  1. Wow, London!! I wish you all the luck with your goals and know with all your determination you can and will accomplish them!

  2. Happy New Year! Those are wonderful goals and I hope you achieve every one!

  3. Looking forward to your 2014 blog post goals! How exciting to plan for Florida and London! My goal is to learn more about sewing with vintage patterns. I've signed up for a retreat this year, so we will see how this goes:)

  4. Good luck on your goals. The 365 goal seems like a huge undertaking! I look forward to trying to read it all.

    Hellcat Vintage

  5. Awww thank you everyone for your votes of confidence! I hope you all reach your goals for 2014 as well!!!! xox

  6. Awesome goals, dear Bunny. I love that you mentioned how you don't necessarily need to let a lack of money or time (or, I'd also add, being in tip-top shape on the health front) stop from pursuing and achieving as many of your dreams and goals as possible. I like to look at such situations as a challenge to find creative workarounds, instead of a call to necessarily abandon said dream or goal right off the bat.

    Here's to an awesome, productive, fun filled 2014!!!
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* A few handy tips from someone who also dared to undertake what you're hoping to do (and minus a few hiccups - aka, post-less days - due to my health, completed a blogging 365 project): ♥


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