Classic Cinema Spotlight: The Tender Trap (1955)

In 1955 we see two Hollywood darlings come together in a most modern romantic comedy-Frank Sinatra and Debbie Reynolds. Reynolds was known for her sweet characters and Sinatra for his suave demeanor so seeing the two pair off in backdrop of New York City was just splendid to watch.

The film also stars Celeste Holm and David Wayne as Charlie's (Sinatra) childhood best friend. Charlie (Sinatra) is a theater agent who is living the ideal bachelor life. He keeps company with a handful of women who come and go from his apartment doing all sorts of things for him (ie walking his dog). Then comes a breath of fresh air named Julie Gillis (Reynolds) who is an aspiring singer and actress. Julie has her whole life planned out for herself and aiming to retire from theater at the age of 22 and get married. She begins to see that Charlie could be that man for her.

To make Charlie's life more interesting and complicated, Charlie's best friend Joe is staying with him because he is considering leaving his wife of eleven years. He meets one of Charlie's lovers named Sylvia who catches his eye and he falls in love with her. Talk about complications. Looking for love, finding it, losing it, and finding yourself are all included in The Tender Trap. I just adore this film and seeing Sinatra with Reynolds together is just the bees knees.

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  1. You've got to love how on the poster, they made a point of separating platinums from (other) blondes. It really drives home just how immensely popular extra pale blonde locks were at the time.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I have not seen this! I must go search it out!!!


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