Hello. My name is Daffny and I am an Artist.

The best part of having an a-ha moment is that you are usually not expecting it. And when it does happen its both like a slap in the face ("the wake up already" kind) and having a bunch of light bulbs go on inside your head all at the same time.

The same day the posts of others bloggers inspired me was the same day I had my a-ha moment. What I didn't know was that someone was going to say something to me to trigger this momentous understanding in my head.

My husband. I told him how I was feeling. A bit blue and drained (I attest that to the winter) and a little discouraged and he wrote me something that now has me feeling this sense of peace I cannot explain. It's like a "where have you been all my life" feeling.

Before I share with you his wisdom that he gifted to me, let me share with you a brief history of my artistic inclinations.

  • I was an avid reader by the age of 6 and have been devouring books every since. My passion for words grew as I read each book.
  • I wrote my first "book" at age nine. Sadly it was lost in a house fire
  • I began pen-palling at the age of 12 which taught me the discipline and dedication it takes to write often
  • I began journaling at the age of 9 and ceased at the age of 31
  • I began writing poetry at the age of 14 and stopped at the age of 24. Some have been published.
  • I started writing a book in 1993 (have not finished it), scrapbooking in 2002, and painting in 2005
  • A camera was placed in my hands at age 12 and have been snapping ever since.
I know all of you are crafty and creative in many ways. I have friends who knit or sing or draw amazing pictures. I think we are all talented and gifted in some way. Looking back at all the things I did as a child and young adult made me realize that I always had a hankering for being creative. I always felt the need for self-expression and often felt relieved and grateful when I had a pen and notebook to write in.

A few years ago my father began to try to convince me to get myself published but I said no, I am not a writer. I have never felt like I was because I always assumed you have to be published by a big name publishing company or have some level of fame. 

I suppose I assumed that if one is to consider themselves an artist they first have to be successful in that art. Silly me. Very silly me.

My husband's words to me: In pursuit of creativity a true artist endures. That is the gist of what he said. Endures what? Endures suffering, struggles, more struggles, challenges, more challenges...and in the end they still create. That is an artist.

So today I say it out loud and proud, "Hello. My Name is Daffny and I am an Artist". 

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  1. " I suppose I assumed that if one is to consider themselves an artist they first have to be successful in that art. Silly me. Very silly me."

    Very good point! I have written fiction since I was at school but never called myself a writer as to call yourself that to someone, leads them to assume you have been published. But I do write, so therefore by default, I must be a writer.

  2. I think im a writer at heart and ive never published a word

    retro rover

    1. Start writing! Even if it makes no sense, but just grab a notebook and write-you never know what may come out :) xox

  3. Immensely true reminder. Isn't it extra profound when a much needed snippet of wisdom or advice comes from none other than our spouse? Tony has bestowed many of those on me over the years and each one has bettered my life in so way, too.

    Big hugs, my fellow artist!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh my goodness-yes-it was such an amazing surprise and gift to get that aha moment from my husband. Its like I heard it in my soul when I was ready to hear it. If you or he or another person told me yrs ago I would have shrugged them off. I feel extra blessed...yay for hubbys!!! Big hugs back!! xox

  4. Oh what beautiful words, you have a special husband and you are indeed a true artist:)

  5. YES YOU ARE! Tell your husband he is awesome! Keep going Daffny! You are an amazing writer. There was a time period when I was very depressed, and I wasn't writing or reading, or really doing anything. Not writing made it so much worse. I truly think I started feeling better the moment I started writing again. Writing let's us pour out our souls; good or bad, doesn't matter. It's a release. Of emotion and feeling and of all that creativity that otherwise lays untapped beneath the surface. And you write wonderfully well!! An artist indeed!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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