Inspired by Blogs Just When I Needed Some Inspiration

I have been reading some incredible posts by fellow bloggers lately. Three stay in mind the most because they tapped into the state of being I am in at the moment and reconfirmed my own status as a blogger and a lover of vintage.

Now, I normally don't write about other bloggers but I felt they taught me so much in their post that well, perhaps you would learn something from them as well or perhaps learn something from what I learned. That somehow you may feel inspired as well.

Quite a few vintage bloggers are making a shift in their blogs as well as in their personal style and wardrobe. I mean life is about change right and so therefore it is only normal to evolve and grow. That is all a good thing. A very good thing.

Solanah from Vixen Vintage has been a beacon of inspiration for my a vintage blogger or fan of fashion. Lately she has found that although her love for vintage will never wane, she wanted to have her wardrobe reflect more of who she is at this moment.

This is exactly where I am when it comes to my own wardrobe. Everyone has their different reasons for making changes in their life so here are mine. I love dressing vintage BUT I need my wardrobe to reflect my age and my lifestyle. I am not 20 and I am not 60. Both are beautiful ages and I loved 20 but you know what I am head over heals over being 38. Personally I like Daffny more now than ever before and I have a funny feeling as I get older it will just keep  getting better.

I really appreciated Solanah's candor and I think its nice for a blogger to come out and say "hey this is me and it doesn't mean I love vintage any less than any of you but it just means that vintage has a different place in my life than it does for others." And although her current posts reveal why she is making her changes, I feel like her latest post is what was the cherry on top for me. A post about great fitting jeans. I know it sounds weird that a post about jeans hit home to me but I am a jeans wearing girl. Although I will wear complete head to toe vintage outfits for special outings and events I do want to be more accessible as a mother and yet still incorporate vintage into my daily dress. That way I get the best of both worlds! And scoring a few pair of fabulous jeans will hit the mark for me!

The second post that recently hit home to me came from Jessica from Chronically Vintage. Most bloggers (or people for that matter) don't often share trade secrets. They don't want you to compete with them and they don't want you to be more successful than them. I appreciate when a fellow blogger helps out another but Jessica took an extra step and shared 30 tips that will help you succeed as a new blogger. I think even pro bloggers can learn a thing or two about Jessica's list.

Gosh I feel like every tip hit home with me but I made the changes on my blog from Bunny's Victory to A Vintage Nerd because of tips #3, #4, #5, and #19. I was being myself when I projected myself as Bunny but I wasn't being fully me as I am now which makes me happier. When I first came into blogging in July 2011 I was trying to keep up with the Joneses and it wasn't any fun. I learned a lot from blogging theses past few years so Jessica's tips are spot on. I can attest to them!

I loved tip #19 Don't be afraid to change. Like I said earlier, many bloggers are making shifts and changes to their lives, wardrobes, and blogs and we shouldn't be afraid to make changes. When one night my Bunny's Victory blog link didn't work I said to myself well maybe this is meant to be. You don't know how many uphill battles I have faced since becoming a blogger in 2011 in trying to get my blog where I wanted it to be. Talk about hitting a few walls but you know what, if you love to write, if you love to express yourself, and if you love being creative then stick with it because even if 10 people read your blog it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy what you are doing.

Lastly, was a post written by Candice from Super Kawaii Mama. She posted a photo of herself wearing a wig that was a light shade of purple and from that was personally inspired to write a post called The cultural myth of age appropriate. In creating a style for yourself should you be affected by the way people think of you? Should your age get in the way of being an inspiration for others or in accessing opportunities. Candice speaks about a whole slew of topics all inspired by her wearing that wig. Is it okay for someone her age (I believe we are around the same age) to wear a purple wig and should that affect how others view her.

Truly youth is a fleeting thing but being youthful in how you live your life can be a part of your everyday existence. I have experienced a loss of opportunities because of my age but also because of the size of my waist and not to mention my everyday must have accessories, my leg braces. I see it as their loss that they couldn't see all the amazing things that I see in myself everyday. That's okay because at the end of the day darnit, I am still amazing!

All three of these blog posts hit home for me for the reasons I shared above but also because sometimes dare I say I can get frustrated with myself because I feel like I cannot do everything I want or need to do blogwise. My husband said to me today, "it is what a true artist endures". Those words meant a lot to me and reminded me that part of creation is the struggle.

At the end of my day I am happy to be able to use blogging as a means to be creative. If no one notices it then its okay. What's important is that I keep doing what makes me happy, what gives me an outlet to be my vintage nerd self, and allows me to be exactly who at am at this very moment. Nothing less and nothing more.

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  1. Daffny, you are a perpetually optimistic, inspiring and truly wonderful lady. I've always admired how frankly you discuss your desire to change, better yourself and your blog, and grow on all fronts on your blog. It's refreshing, real and the way that I think more bloggers should approach their sites, and lives. Thank you for sharing about some of the posts that have resonated with you most deeply lately, including my own. I'm sincerely touched to know that spoke to you - that is what I was hoping in my heart of hearts that it would do for all of my readers, whether they've been blogging for a day, a year, five years, a decade or any amount of time.

    Just as these three posts spoke you, I'm certain this one will in turn touch and impact many who read it.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh Jess-thank you. I really appreciate your kind words!! xox

  2. Thank you Daffny! These two women are constantly inspiring, it's an honor to be included among them. Definitely a reminder to share with the people around us those who are helping us along, because you never know who else might need a little inspiration!


    1. Oh thank you Solanah!! Means a lot to me!! xox

  3. They also inspire me as well and I group you as well into the many bloggers who inspire me. Keep being your lovely self!!!

    1. Oh sweets-thank you!!!! You are such a good friend to me!! xox

  4. Well I think you should add your name to the list because you inspire me every day! You rock Daffny!! Always creative, always upbeat, and always in tune with my "nerd" side! I love reading your blog and Facebook posts!!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  5. They, as well as you, inspire me too, dear Daffny. I love reading your blog and find great inspiration from you. All of these posts that you have mentioned have resonated with me as well. I struggle with age appropriateness and have many times wondered if I am too old to be wearing this or that, styling my hair this way or another, and even with blogging. I truly love vintage but rarely wear it and sometimes I feel like I should be ashamed of that fact or that I enjoy wearing modern clothing with a vintage feel, sometimes more than I enjoy wearing true vintage. But we all have to be true to ourselves and I thank you for reminding me that is ok. <3


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