Must See TV: The Making of a Lady

I just adore the children's stories written by Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Little Princess and The Secret Garden. I own and have read them both and they are truly magical tales. When I heard about The Making of a Lady and saw that Hodgson Burnett wrote it and that they were bringing it to life in a feature length film, I knew I had to share it with you.

This is the story line:

1901:- Poor but intelligent Emily Fox Seton accepts a marriage proposal from the older Lord James Walderhurst, a widower pushed into providing an heir by his haughty aunt Maria, Emily's employer. It is an arrangement for them both - in James' case to stop the family home passing to James' cousin Alec Osborn and his Anglo-Indian wife Hester. However, affection soon grows between them but James is posted to India with his regiment and the Osborns come to stay with Emily,telling her James sent them to look after her. But they have lied and Alec's alarming mood swings brought on by illness threatens Emily's pregnancy and drives the staff away. Soon Emily realises that the couple mean to kill her and take the house for themselves. With only her loyal maid Jane for support how can she thwart their plan?

If you would like a preview of the film you can watch it HERE on Youtube. It stars Lydia Wilson (who also can be seen in About Time. Oh that movie is soo good!) as Emily, Linus Roache (whom I first saw in the film The Priest ages ago-he is amazing!) as Lord James, Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous fame) as Lady Maria, and James D'Arcy (who will be starring in the film After Dark this year) as Captain Alec Osborn. 

It will be airing here in the states this Sunday, February 9th on your local PBS station. Here in New York it will be airing at 10pm til 11:30pm. It will most certainly be airing right after Downton Abbey. I will defiantly be watching this Sunday. Will you?

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  1. i love The Little Princess and The Secret Garden too, really magical movies

  2. Must put this on my watch list. Thank you for letting me know about this:))

  3. Just set the dvr to tape this. Can't wait to watch it.

  4. Oooh, if we still had cable (and yes, I swear, I won't keep saying that like a broken record all the time when it comes to TV), I'd definitely try to catch it. Those costumes are making my Edwardian fashion loving knees go weak! :)

    ♥ Jessica


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