Promising Period Films: Part Two

I am so glad many of you enjoyed some of the promising period films I listed yesterday. Today, I would like to share five more coming to a theater near you.

Grace of Monaco focus on adjustments that Grace Kelly had to make once she was married to Prince Rainier and became a royal herself. I am a huge fan of Grace Kelly so I am intrigued to see this!

The Imitation Game is a tells the story about British wartime cryptographer Alan Turing, who was a key figure in cracking Nazi Germany's Enigma code during World War II. In 1952 he was criminally prosecuted because of his homosexuality as it was illegal at the time. A fascinating tale about what seems to be an incredibly intelligent man who did his duty for his country and in the end was treated unjustly (and cruelly) in return.

Set in 1912, A Promise tells the story of Charlotte who is married to an older man named Karl. Enter Ludwig ( who is younger and becomes smitten with Charlotte) who becomes an assistant of sorts to Karl who is unable to travel. Years pass until they both admit to their unrequited love for one another.

I love the era that Serena is set which is the 1930's. I am sure the costumes are going to be drool worthy. Pairing together again are Jennifer Lawrence and Bradly Cooper who play a husband and wife during the Great Depression. Serena (Lawrence) finds out she is unable to bear children and the story unfolds with their struggles both personally and financially.

A Winter's Tale is a blend of romance and the supernatural which in my head equals perfection. I think it would be vital to keep your mind open to this movie because the films includes characters that are demons and angels.  I do think the story of Peter and Beverly as star crossed lovers who end up together in a non-traditional way will be a beautiful story to see unfold. It begins in 1886 and takes us all the way to 2014. 

I find The Imitation Game and A Promise the most interesting to watch although of course I want to see them all. Actually each film has about two or three reasons why I want to watch them. I mean watching actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, Rebecca Hall, Alan Rickman, Jessica Brown-Findlay, and Jennifer Connelly are good reasons for me. But also themes like romance, love, tragedy, and suffering combined with the characters that are in each film. Gah! I have a lot movies to watch this year but I figure one can have worst problems on their hands, right?

Which of these intrigues you the most? What do you think about the casting of Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly? Do you think she will surprise us like Michelle Williams did in My Week with Marilyn?

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  1. Ah, I gotta see A Promise, love Richard Madden!! I really didn't care for their choice for Grace Kelly. I thought January Jones would have been better. She looks even more like Grace.

  2. Though in some respects the plot sounds like it might cut rather close to home for me, I'm especially looking forward to Serena. Bradley Cooper is a great actor and there hasn't been too many Depression era films for a while now, so it will be a nice change of 1920s/40s/50s/60s pace to see one set in that decade again.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh, I want to see Serena simply because I adore that era and both Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. I had heard that the Grace Kelly movie had been scrapped, but I dont know if thats true. I saw a critics review of A Winters Tale and The Monuments Men that you had in yesterdays post and he gave them both really bad reviews. Not that I always believe the critics but this one in particular I seem to find his opinions match up with my own.

  4. I'm curious about Serena, simply because Jennifer Lawrence hasn't done a period or historical film (American Hustle is set in the 1970's, but that might as well be present day to us vintage gals!) and I would like to see her talents, as I haven't seen any movies she's in. A Promise and Winter's Tale look great, I was happy to see Jessica Brown-Findlay again!



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