The Perfect Vintagey Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day will be here in less than two weeks and although I do believe we should show the people we love that we love them everyday, I also think this holiday is a super cute one. I mean hearts, pink, red, sparkly thing, its dreamy.

I found a few neat things that I thought would make a great gift for someone in your life. The first few were found on Retro Planet and I thought they were just too cute not to share.

Or you can give your love something a little more cerebral like a book or something visually stimulating like a romantic film. I found these great gift ideas all in Amazon.

I hope you found some of these gift ideas helpful and inspirational.

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  1. What a charmingly fun post! Those have got to be some of the cutest Valentine's Day cards on the market today.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. How cute my first ever vintage purchase as a child was an old valentine
    Retro rover


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