5 Ways To Help Your Wardrobe Be The Best It Can Be

Recently I looked over at my wardrobe and I felt a huge smile come over my face. I didn't expect it but I felt really happy with what I saw. Do you ever feel frustrated at what you see in your closet? Ever feel like you are keeping pieces that just make you happy? You make think its pretty but you just don't get thrilled about wearing it?

Here are the steps I took in helping to make my wardrobe the best it could be:

1. Pull out the pieces that DON'T fit you
Seriously, take them out! You can put them away somewhere else if you really love them but if that dress doesn't fit you, take it out! What should stay in your closet are pieces that fit you NOW.

2. Pull out the pieces that DON'T flatter you
If that dress doesn't accentuate what you have but rather takes away, take it out! If something is too long or too short or too sheer, whatever it is that doesn't make you feel and look your very best then it has no place being in your closet!

3. Leave multi-seasonal pieces in 
It can be 90 degrees outside but leave that cardigan in there. You don't have to have all of them but leave some there. You don't know if an evening could be chilly. Having a few multi-seasonal pieces like cardigans affords you some versatility and that is always a good thing to have.

4. Have a selection of various pieces
Include jeans, skirts, pants, blouses, dresses, cardigans, etc. There is so much that can happen if you have all of these pieces out. Being able to see what you have gives you more of a visual selection.

5. Add pieces that you LOVE! 
Do it! Whether its modern, vintage, retro, or vintage inspired. Go for it! You can intermix them and make an amazing outfit!

I can look at my closet now and really start to feel super good about what I see. It still needs some work but I am at the stage where I am adding in some pieces. I think my wardrobe is becoming what I call vintagey. I have my vintage dresses and some vintage cardigans and blouses but I am incorporating more modern jeans because they flatter my figure better and adding more vintage inspired pieces like the Boden top I shared with you all the other day.

I didn't know that having my closet reflect me more would make me so happy. It actually feels good to look at it and know that everything in there fits me and looks good on me. There are no "maybe" pieces or "someday" pieces. I can wear anything that is in there and they fit well on my figure and flatter me.

I think it is so worth cleaning out your closet and being honest with yourself with what works and what doesn't. At the end of the day if you look good, you feel great, and it gives you that extra pep in your step. It's a win-win situation.

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  1. Inspiring! I need to give my closet a workout now!

  2. Great post... I certainly am due for this at the end of the winter. I've discovered that not everything I've got for cold weather quite fits or flatters the way I'd like it to, and there are more than a few holes in my year-round wardrobe that need to be filled.

  3. Love this post. I've been dealing with this a lot lately. I have those 'maybe' and 'someday' pieces that I can't give up. I guess they'll go into storage until I can decide on whether or not I'll keep them. As of late I've really been going in the direction of a more modest rockabilly look. I honestly never saw that happening, but I like it.

  4. Omg, you need to come to my house and organize my closets! *lol* I have so many "maybe" and "someday" pieces and so many things that I really do love but don't wear as often as I'd like to!

  5. I think being an intentional shopper and intentional in your closet leads to so much less waste in the long run. If your happy with what you have and it feels good on you I think your less likely to buy buy buy. Great post!

  6. You go, sweet girl!!! I too really made a conscious choice to create a wardrobe full of pieces that I love and which fit me well (a few years back now) and adore the joy that walking up to a closest filled with pieces that all fit me and which work not only well as stand alone items, but on their own, too, is nothing short of an incredible feeling. I'm so happy you're reaching a point in your sartorial journey where you're getting to experience that same fabulous feeling, too, sweet Daffny!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I very much need to filter my vintage wardrobe. I have very little closet space and I do have some things that take up space that need a loving home. Need to get cracking! Keep inspiring me D:)

  8. Eep, I'm guilty of keeping hold of things that don't fit me.. I really should pack them away some place till I'm in better shape because they are SO distracting.

  9. Glad to have inspired your ladies! Now get cracking and clean out those closets!! hehe xox


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