A Few of My Favorite Things: Winter Edition

It's time for the winter edition of my favorite things! Last edition was for the fall so I figured it was time to share this with you as we are on the brink of spring here. Winter isn't my favorite season but it is a season that is filled with the excitement of Christmastime. It's also filled with lots of warm tea, hearty soups, baby snuggles, and cozy blankets.

Christmas is such a joyous time of year for many reasons. Add three little ones the mix and it becomes three times more fun and exciting. This year all three of my children were at an age where the understood the holidays a bit better. The youngest is three so he went bonkers opening his gifts and my daughter who is six was able to understand the deeper meanings of the season as well.

The Flambards story kept me up into the late hours because I couldn't take my eyes of the characters. I have to say it is my favorite story that I have seen on film all winter. I found all the characters so well developed and authentic. You can learn more about the actors and where they are now HERE.

Warm Cardigans and sweaters can take a girl through some cold days beautifully. I don't own a lot of vintage cardigans/sweaters but the ones I have I just love. I was pleasantly surprised on how well they fit and how amazing they felt on.

If I could have minestrone soup everyday I probably would. This is my favorite soup and when I add on some oyster crackers it just adds that crunch-nothing better.

My final favorite thing has to be Uncommon Knowledge my Judy Lewis. I don't want to say too much about it because I do want to review it properly for you but it has been such an amazing read. It's taken me forever to read too because Ms. Lewis packed a whole bunch of detailed information about her mother's family history and also because I feel like I don't want it to end. Ever feel that way about a book?

Those are a few of my favorite things for this winter and I am beyond elated to welcome spring and discover a few more favorite things.

What were some of your favorite things from this winter (or for my Australian vintage sistas-summer)?

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  1. way to find the bright side of winter

    retro rover

  2. You forgot one thing, a toasty fire to enjoy all these things with:) I can't wait for spring but loved hearing your winter joys!

  3. Lovely list of favourites! Cardigans, along with Christmas, Valentine's Day, quite walks in the snow, hot cocoa, the scent of wood smoke in the icy air, and wearing warm tights are some of my favourite highlights of this freezing cold season.

    ♥ Jessica


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