Must See TV: Time Warp Wives

I discovered this interesting little mini documentary called Time Warp Wives. It viewed it with eager interested and thought I would share it with you all. It was released in 2008 in the UK when vintage wasn't as popular as it is now but it was growing exponentially throughout England in particular.

It follows four women whose ages range from 20 to perhaps 40. Two are married and each lives their lives according to a specific decade ranging from the 1930's to the 1950's.

What I found fascinating about this documentary was the following:
  • Allowing us the see the somewhat daily lives of these lovely ladies
  • Showing us inside their vintage inspired homes
  • The women are just visually a wonder to look at
  • Their wardrobes deserve a show of their own
  • It was nice to hear the husbands/family speak and share a bit of their views as well
What I found disappointing (and borderline annoying) about this documentary was the following:
  • In the beginning of the documentary 3/4 ladies (the 20 year old lived with her father) were shown to almost be obsessed with being the perfect housewife-realistically women of those decades weren't striving for perfection-they just did what they had to do-the end.
  • Although the women say over and over again how they despise the modern world by the second segment you see them using their laptops, starting a career, going to work in the modern workforce, and hiding a microwave (oh dear)
  • Women of that time and even into the 1960's basically got married and had families. Yes, some worked and yes some did get a higher education but that was just the way of the world. NONE of these women had children and I was appalled to hear them say how having them would disturb their little bubble of a life they created
  • Their view of a housewife is imaginary. Women then didn't walk around smiling saying "honey may I bring you your slippers and pipe?" That image is a Hollywood image. Repeat. That image is a Hollywood image. It was hard work and many times they did not do it with a smile on their faces.

I think if you are going to say you are into something especially on camera like they did, find a balance in how present and represent yourself. Also, I found their lifestyles to be profoundly materialistic. The 1930's housewife had over 70 shoes which was not the case for the average woman in the depression-era. 

I am sure each of those ladies are lovely women in person but they depicted the women to be as materialistic as the modern world is. They have the vintage car, the wardrobe, the kitchen, and even the furniture but I found they did NOT grasp the old fashioned values and true lifestyle of the women of that time. It's great to have the stuff and the look but if you say you are living it then live it completely and realistically. 

I would have been more impressed with this documentary if these women lived realistically, incorporating the best of both the modern and vintage worlds. To act so disgusted by the modern world and yet behave like a modern women, I just did not understand.

Personally, I would have loved to seen woman who literally live the old fashioned lifestyle that women did back then. Balancing everyday housewifery with a spouse and children to boot. Sounds like my life and slew of other amazing vintage bloggers out there. It can be done!

I do recommend that you see this for yourself and form your own opinions on it. I wish they would do another one day.

If you would like to view it you can see it HERE on Youtube.

Here are some fun articles to read about the documentary:

I would love to hear what you think of it. If you have seen it already or watch it after this post, let me know your thoughts.

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  1. D this is great! I'm so glad you told me about this. I'm going to watch this. A very interesting show indeed.

  2. Lola Lamour is great, I've seen her sing live a few times but I didn't know she'd been in this documentary.
    I might be wrong but I suspect the way they behave is probably dictated by the TV company, similar to the situation with the TV show that The Rockabilly Socialite was involved with.

  3. I watched this programme when it first came out and have sold some beautiful pieces of vintage clothing to the woman in the blue and white dress, she's so friendly in real life. Like Helen, Ii think the editing had a lot to do with how these women were portrayed. I did enjoy watching it, and especially liked seeing all their stunning clothes! :-)

  4. I watched this and found it interesting. I agree that I think the editing probably makes all of the difference in the world. I agree with you though about how they were portrayed. It is sad that they would feel that way about children, though I have heard several people say similar things and they don't even live a vintage lifestyle. I have been told that it is the generation and even though I am part of the generation, apparently I do not think/act like it.
    While I haven't found people with the exact same interests as me, I do watch homesteaders on youtube (and read blogs) and of course vintage blogs/youtube channels (as well as all of my other interests - eating clean, christian living, etc.). It would be nice to see one that combined them all, but it would also be a little creepy to have someone interested in all of the things I am LOL.

  5. I've seen this series is bit and pieces online over the years, but not yet all in one setting. From what I've seen, my take on things mirrors your opinions through and through. It's a massive shame that the producers of it wanted to almost treat us vintage loving folks like circus freaks, instead of highlighting how incredibly awesome we are and that most of us are not ludites and have zero desire to be that way. Tony and I bring up the point to each other every now and then that there is such a need for a documentary (or TV series) that paints vintage loving folks in a positive, and very accurate, light, which (on the whole) I don't feel like Time Warp Wives did.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. It does seem like there are a number of vintage bloggers who are against having children. Some bloggers seem to be all about the "look" of the past but completely disown that there were good points about many of the "old-fashioned" values. It makes them seem shallow and like they are playing dress-up. It is a shame that there was not a more balanced viewpoint presented and hopefully there was some misrepresentation in the editing. Thank you for presenting your opinion of the program honestly; that's refreshing.

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  8. Where can I find this documentary? I have been looking online and can't seem to find it.


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