Must See TV: Ripper Street

Set in Whitechapel in London's East End in 1889 six months after the Jack the Ripper murders you find a Detective Inspector Reid faced with a new murder and people mobbing the police station hoping that the Ripper is not back.

Can you imagine London during the Victorian era? With its darkened alleyways, pubs filled with drunks, and whore houses filled to the brim with Thomas's (customers).

This show completely takes you back in time and you are thrust into a world where people doubt the police force and crimes are rampant. They say this era was a time of long peace but I don't think they took into account life in Whitechapel.

The show's lead is Detective Inspector Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) who is tortured by the disappearance of his only child, a daughter, and is revealed to have burns scars on his chest to which everyone wonders how they came about. He is joined by his right hand man, Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) who does a great deal of dirty work for Inspector Reid (ie beating criminals up) but is shown to have a heart of gold.

Joining them is a mysterious and rogue American named Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) who is on the run for something he did back in the states with a madam named Long Susan (MyAnna Buring). He eventually helps solves murders/crimes along with Reid and Drake as their in house doctor and what we would call in modern times a forensic pathologist.

Series One has eight episodes but they are more like mini films. They are so detailed, visually entrancing, and written as if you are reading a book. I cannot say a negative thing about this series.

I think one of the most powerful episodes of this series is episode four called "The Good of This City" involving a young woman named Lucy (pictured above) and a massive conspiracy surrounding her. I was astonished by the ending but appreciated it because you do not see that many endings in shows today let alone crime/mystery shows.

Ripper Street is a phenomenal show and you will get hooked! I know I am!

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  1. I would watch this series for the costuming alone - I've always been a die hard fan of Victorian and Edwardian menswear. Of course, it sounds awesome, too, which is a splendid bonus! :)

    Have a super lovey weekend, dear Daffny!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Another great choice of show! I've been following it since the beginning. They were axing it but I think it has ended up being bought out by another channel or something. I hope so; I was very disappointed when I thought it wasn't going to be on any more.


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