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Today I spent the rare day out without the kiddies and with my husband, brother, and his partner attending the Chiller Theater Expo. It becoming a yearly tradition for the four of us to get together and attend this fun event. The Chiller Expo is a place where you can meet actors and celebrities of yesteryear and of today. If you are a fan of television and film then this is a must see event.

This Chiller Theater event is my fourth. The first was in 2006 and the second you can read about HERE (in my old blog) and HERE.

What I like about attending this event is that I get a chance to meet tv/film actors from classic tv shows and films that I love and also some from today. I love being able to tell them thank you for what they have done artistically and it is such a pleasure to be able to chat with them.

Before I share with you who I met, I want to share what I wore. I wore a cotton 1950's dress that has little white hearts (they look like dots from afar) all over and a beautiful floral design at the bottom. I paired it up with a cardigan from Old Navy, a 1950's white wicker purse, and a bracelet I purchased in an Antique Mall. I wore my favorite shade of lipstick, Snow Peach (a shade of coral), and painted my nails with OPI's Brazil Collection, a shade called "Where Did Suzi-Man Go?"

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This Chiller I really wanted to meet Bob McGrath who played the character of Bob on Sesame Street. If you don't know by now, I am a huge Sesame Street fan. Hello. aren't you too old for this? I know you must be asking in your head, but really as a child who didn't grow up with a lot of money or with cable or trips to Disney, Sesame Street (thank you PBS!) became that special magical place to go to. Plus I learned a lot.

Now my children are fans and well, I want to thank Bob for bringing such joy into my life. He is getting older so I knew I had to take the chance to meet him. I was giddy and felt like a happy five year old. He was wonderful and everything I imagined. I actually feel blessed to have met him.

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Nerd, Chiller Theater, Retro Lifestyle Blog, Vintage Fashion Blog

Next on my list was to meet Paul Peterson. You may remember him from The Donna Reed Show but he was also cast as Cary Grant's son in Houseboat. I really wanted to ask him about working with Cary and he was so kind to answer my question. He told me he was friends with him until the end of Cary's life (1986) and that Cary told him one time that he never forgot that he was Archie Leach. That remembering that and not forgetting who he really was kept him grounded. If you didn't know, Cary's real name was Archibald Leach.

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Nerd, Chiller Theater, Retro Lifestyle Blog, Vintage Fashion Blog
A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Nerd, Chiller Theater, Retro Lifestyle Blog, Vintage Fashion Blog

The last person I took a photo with was Gil Birmingham who is known for playing the role of Billy Black in The Twilight films. Ladies, this man is 60 years old and dare I say dreamy with a capital D. A very handsome man in person.

We met a few others and I almost went to meet Shirley Jones and Priscilla Presley but I didn't feel comfortable with the amount they were charging or the way they presented themselves. We walked around and spoke to a few other folks and my brother got to meet Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. That line was bonkers and my legs couldn't take it so I did my best and still had a blast.

I have to say I love dressing up when I go to this event. So many of the guests that are there notice and appreciate a lady wearing vintage and I appreciate that as well. I love to show others that a woman can look attractive, beautiful, desirable, and dare I say sexy-without showing everything she has. Grandma raised me well!

If you ever get a chance to attend this event or other events like it, I say do it!

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  1. How fun! And your outfit is perfection! :D

  2. This looks like such fun. I love your dress too. How fun to meet these actors from old TV shows! Thanks for sharing these great pictures. Your camera takes very lovely photographs!

  3. what fun this must have been! thank you for sharing about it. but i do have to say that your wonderful hairstyle and dress really made my day!

  4. Okay, super jelly that you met Bob! How cool is that? But Norman Reedus, I would probably faint. I never considered myself as someone who would get "star struck" but I was at a book signing for some local radio broadcaster a few years back and I got all nervous and tongue tied! Looks like a great time.
    L A


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