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Ever look in the mirror and say to yourself, "my hair looks so drab, I need a change!". Well ladies and gents, I am officially fed up with all the whites and grays that have been creeping into my hair for years now. I have been putting it off until it got so bad that I would have to start dyeing it only because dyeing your hair is such a huge commitment. I wouldn't be able to do it on my own hair for many reasons so I would have to get it professionally done and then every two weeks go in for touch ups. Plus I would have to start using specialized shampoo/conditioners for treated hair and make sure my hair doesn't get drier than it already is. Like I said, it is a huge step.

But I am so done with it. I cannot believe that at 38 years old the pigment is leaving my hair. My hair used to look closer to black most of my life and now it actually looks dark brown. Its pretty trippy to watch the pigment leave your hair. There isn't anything I can do about it. I find that the darker the hair the sooner one looses their pigment and at that point the only two options a person has is to either go natural or begin dyeing their hair.

Because I am still young I don't want to go all natural just yet. I would be okay with it at 50 and definitely at 60 but I am a woman in her 30s with three small children and I want to look my best which will always help in feeling my best. I think I am ready for that step. But before I show you the shade I would love to have I would like to share my brunette hair inspirations. The four ladies that I looked up to hair-wise as a child and young adult. You don't see very often dark haired women in the spotlight but when you do, boy do they shine.

Brunette Old Hollywood starlets make me remember why I love my dark hair. I have to say that its broken my heart that my hair color is changing because I always loved the contrast between my fair skin and dark hair. I suppose these are the things that come with age. But its time for me to embrace the idea of dyeing my hair. 

I am definitely going to move forward with this change no later than the end of May. The sooner the better I am hoping but I'd love to hear your opinion. Should I embrace my dark tresses or try a new shade?

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  1. I have fast growing hair and I only have to get my regrowth done every 4 weeks, so you might not have to go as often as you think!

    As for changing the colour, I say why not! Talk to your stylist about what colour of auburn would suit you best - with red colours you can either have a blue based red or an orange based red. If you can wear orange without looking like you've died, then orange based reds, which are a more natural shade, will look lovely on you. But I look like I walking corpse when I'm wearing any of those autumn colours, so I need an unnatural blue based red.

    You probably will need to use new shampoo and conditioner, and probably a leave in treatment of some sort to keep your hair moisturised, because to lighten the colour they will have to lightly bleach your hair. I have an amazing Macadamia Oil product that I use to keep my hair soft - I'll send you some :) It lasts forever and if you love it I can bring you more later in the year!!

  2. Dyeing hair isn't as hard as if seems. I do need help from my sister, but if you can get a friend to apply it to your hair, box coloring is usually no more than $20 vs $60+ for a pro dye job. Also Garnier fructis has an inexpensive line of shampoo and conditioner {if you color hair, I do recommend conditioning} that is great!! You can get it just about anywhere. And being in NY, I'm sure any shop you go to will have it.

    If I lived closer, I'd be willing to lend a hand to dye your hair and whatever you needed. I'm fantastic with other's hair, just not my own. Ask around, I'm sure you have a friend who would be willing to dye your hair for you.

  3. Very exciting!!! Some tips from a longtime hair colour user (pre-wig, I mean): don't wash your hair (unless it's very oily or gets super dirty somehow) everyday or even every other day, if you can swing it. The less you wash, the less your colour is prone to fade. Hair, for some reason (I've yet to hear a scientific one for this phenomenon, but am sure one exists), tends to start holding colour the longer it's dyed, especially if you're continually sticking with the same shade (or very nearly so), so it might end up fading less quickly for you after a few months to a year (such was always, without fail, the case for me when I'd go from natural to dyed again). Wearing your hair up can hide roots (or at least lessen their severity from a visual standpoint). Try to use sulphate-free shampoos, conditioners and styling products, as they're often less likely to strip colour. Don't be worried if you see some hair colour go down the drain when you wash it for the first few times after you get it coloured, this is really normal, especially with dark shades and/or home dye kits. And lastly, getting your hair coloured, as Sean said, too, isn't as hard as it seems at first. Costly if you go to a salon, yes, but unless your hair grows at the speed of light, you shouldn't need touch-ups much sooner than every month (and you can always buy brush in or powder root colour cover products if you need to buy a bit of time between hairdresser appointments).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Very good tips :)



    2. I forgot that one, about the washing. My crazy red hair gets washed three times a fortnight on average :) Headscarves and pony tails are your best friends on those days when you really need to wash it but it needs to wait just... one... more... day :)

  4. I think it may not be a stough as you think. Ive been dying my hair myself for years and years, ever since I was about 18 and its really not that hard unless you want to go a drastically different shade. I just mush the stuff all through my hair like Im shampooing wait an half hour and rinse
    retro rover


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