Basic Necessities: Learning How To Type Properly

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Typing skills are not often high on the list of things a person should know when they walk into an interview for a job. Job skills today require you to know a language or two, know how to create programs on a computer, all the while having polished social skills.

Even though it isn't as popular as it was 70 years ago, heck even 20 years ago, knowing how to type properly is still a beneficial skill to have. If you are a writer, a blogger, write emails to your friends/family, work as a receptionist, etc you really should know how to type, the old fashioned way. Why go old school when it comes to typing skills? Because once you learn, you never forget, and once you have this skill, you can basically even type in the dark.

 I was taught starting my freshman year of high school. I had no clue what a keyboarding class was but the teacher was tough yet kind. She really wanted us to learn this skill because she knew that it would be something that we would use for the rest of our lives. Even though technology has changed immensely since 1990, I am still typing on a keyboard! Some things don't change that fast!

As I write to you my dear readers, I am looking at the screen without looking down at my fingers. Is that neat? Actually because of the practicing and learning that I did in high school in those keyboarding classes, I know how exactly where all the keys are without looking at them.

Imagine how much time and energy you can save if you weren't typing with two fingers or better still without looking down once to see the letters. It does take practice but there are so many fantastic vintage manuals out there that you can use at your own leisure. I love how much time I save because I know where the keys are and despite the weaknesses in my hands due to my disability, I feel as though it also gives my fingers some good ole calisthenics.

Truth be told, there is nothing better than having a skill. Although it is a bit dated by today's standards, it is a skill nonetheless. It is something that will make your life as a blogger and writer that more enjoyable.

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  1. its really faster when you dont have to look down, i'm lucky that i learn it at school ;)
    xo Fräulein K.

  2. I learnt how to touch type properly in college, I was already a fast typer and didn't need to look at the keys so I picked it up really easily. It's definitely a good skill to have!

  3. You're right that this is one of those life skills that can really be so helpful in whatever you end up doing, at home or at work! My mother forced myself and my younger brother to learn to type when we were aged around 10 and 12, she bought us a computer programme called 'Mavis Beacon' or something, which was basically a typing 'game'. It worked though, and I am so pleased that my mother had the foresight to educate us in this way, it's come in incredibly handy being able to touch type, and it makes it very quick for me to write on a computer. Before computers became quite fast, often I would have to wait for what I'd typed to come up on the screen, I'm glad that processor speeds have increased now! P x

  4. So true! I can still hear my stepmother telling me that I definitely needed to learn to type. I didn't listen to her... and my typing skills stink! Boy, if I only had a time machine...
    L A

  5. Given how universal computers are these days, and how one needs to be able to operate them in most jobs, I'm amazed that learning to touch-type isn't part of the curriculum in all schools.

  6. In the late 1990's I took typing and we were still using typewriters! Now-a-days I'm sure kids learn to type much earlier and on the keypad to a smart phone.

  7. Though I couldn't pinpoint it on a calendar, I remember well the day, over a decade ago now (I didn't grow up with a computer at home - the last of that generation, I know) when it struck me that I'd learned to type properly, without the slightest need to look down at the keyboard or question where my fingers were whizzing back and forth across. That was such an awesome moment and one that no doubt eventually proved to be extremely beneficial on the blogging front.

    ♥ Jessica


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