Can You Wear {RED} In The Spring?


The color red is usually linked to Christmas or Valentine's Day. People usually wear red if they want to look or feel sexy too. Red is a bold color. If you walk into a crowd of people and you are wearing a red dress, you WILL stand out.

Also most people don't usually wear red lipstick. Again, if they do it is to a nightclub or a date and not for a everyday outing. But as a vintage girl you and I both know that red is a color most popular in the 1940's. It was used to add to a woman's patriotic look and that look was to show support for those fighting in WWII.

Most people wear red to make a statement and get noticed but could you wear red in the seasons when its not so common (ie spring or fall)? Can you wear red in your everyday or casual vintage outfit? Should you go to the park or go food shopping wearing red?

I am here to say YES, yes you can wear red in your everyday outfit or in the spring or in any season for that matter. I say, why not? There are shades of red that are bolder than others and there are ways to add red to your wardrobe in case you don't want to make a bold statement while you are food shopping.

You can pair up a casual outfit as I did (with my Freddies of Pinewood jeans) with a red vintage purse (which cost me a mere 6 dollars!), you can wear a cardigan over your vintage blouse (that cardigan was only 4 dollars on ebay!), or you can wear red accessories like bracelets, a brooch, or add a little red to your life with a lovely shade like Russian Red by MAC.

Red is a beautiful color. I used to shy away from it because although I am an extrovert I don't like too much attention. As I got older and learned that there is nothing wrong with people noticing you or thinking you look amazing-I now do NOT shy away from wearing red. I am aware now that wearing red is an invitation for others to notice you. I mean like I said, it is a beautiful and bold color!

I think RED should come with a warning label, don't you?

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  1. I love the cardigan you're wearing!

  2. Perfect!
    I love red, as a natural red head I prefer to wear it when my hair is not red though. I just went platinum so I've pulled out all the red I own!
    As usual, you look stunning!

  3. Oh, I so want your cardigan! (What brand is it?) And your hair looks marvelous!
    I'm with you on wearing red year round and do so. It's such a cheerful color, I think it's a perfect for all sorts of occasions and has so many shades that you're sure to find one that isn't too holiday-ish.

  4. oh my gosh! this is definitely a stellar outfit! i LOVE everything about this. your hairstyle is fabulous as well. wonderful, wonderful post! :)

  5. Love this outfit! Very classy and I like that the cardi has a "spring" feel about it. I'm with you on red. Love it. Sometimes I do notice with photography if I'm all in red then it can be a bit intense and the reds quite bold but I do love a good kick of red!

  6. Oh yay thank you ladies! A splash of red in any seasons can do wonders to an outfit huh?? xox

  7. You're just too stinkin' cute! :)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn


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