Iconic Fashionistas: Is It The Clothes or The Way They Wore Them?


Have you wondered what makes a fashionista iconic? And what makes them a fashionista in the first place?

Looking solely on classic Hollywood film stars that to become a starlet you have to be open for being recreated and even modeled to what others think you should look like. For example; Rita Hayworth had electrolysis done on her hairline to bring it up more, Marilyn Monroe getting a chin and nose job, and Jane Mansfield never wearing a bra in public.

What they had was enhanced and what they didn't have was created. Keep those two important points in mind every time you look at a iconic fashionista like Audrey Hepburn or Sophia Loren or Grace Kelly.

Another important point that people seem to forget is that professional stylists dressed them and the best designers in town created outstanding pieces that fit their figures to a tea.

I mean, I think  anyone could look like a movie star if someone styled them and made them look their very best.

I call it Movie Magic!
Grace Kelly

But now that we know many of these starlets were dressed to impressed by professionals (and taught by these said professionals ie Givenchy, Chanel, and Edith Head to name a few-what looked best on them) have you wondered if they became the icons of fashion because of the clothes they wore or how they wore them?

Audrey Hepburn

So is it the clothes that made so many classic film stars fashion icons? Was it Audrey's little black dress or form fitting gowns that Marilyn wore. Or was it the way the wore it? They each had specific figures and heights-Audrey was slender like a ballerina, Marilyn was curvy, Rita was leggy, Marlene had high cheeks bones, Grace was sophisticated...I could go on and on.

Rita Hayworth

It seems to be that it is a combination of both. If you find a style that suits your figure at its very best, know the colors that compliment your complexion, and you combine that with how you wear the clothes, how you walk in them, address life in them....well you too can become a Fashionista. I believe its possible.

I have seen women transform themselves from cute to dazzling, and simple to sophisticated. We all won't have the advantages those starlets had and we may not even have access to what is deemed as the best in fashion, but if you are creative and patient and allow yourself to succumb to the wonderful world of fashion, you too can become a fashionista in your own right!

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  1. It's a combination of so many elements isn't it? I think when you have a well-fitted outfit it creates a sense of confidence. These starlets also had wonderful photographers and people around them to create the right look but there are certain starlets that will remain timeless. A lovely topic dear Daffny.

  2. Very true! A great sense of style, like Rome, wasn't built in a day for anyone, famous or not, and many women who are now revered for their sartorial looks wore other types of fashions for years (or even decades in some cases), while in the spotlight, before developing the tried and true wardrobe formulas for which they are now so (rightfully) well know. I think that point really shines through in the fact that many of the most iconic starlets are best known for the looks they sported from their 30s onward (Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn, Barbara Streisand, etc).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I think it's a combination of a good film with a good designer and often times a good actress. There are plenty of stunning designs that go wasted on crappy films, but the ones that are most iconic are known through good films. For example, I am in love with the Edith Head Rear Window dress. If you Google "Grace Kelly dress", along with her wedding dress of course, the results will show the Rear Window dress. That was an excellent movie, but had it bombed I doubt anyone would pay much mind to what Kelly was wearing. I watched Bus Stop not too long ago and I hated it, so much so that I can't even recall what Monroe was wearing. I'm sure she looked voluptuous as always, but her character was so obnoxious that I didn't even notice!

  4. I think that so very much about fashion is how you wear it. I am forever having to remind myself to use good posture and smile (I have "resting bitch face" for lack of a better term :) excuse my pedestrian use of language ). I think even a pair of sweats can look incredible on a woman whose confidence shine through.
    -L A


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