{In Style} Rainy Days


It has been rainy for a few days here in the big apple and I have to admit I am not anti-rain like many city folk are. Here in New York it rains and suddenly no one knows how to walk or take the train or form a line. Sounds mad but its true.

The only element of rain I am against is the inability to go out and do things when I need to especially when I have to pick up the children from school. I have been fighting the need for this for years constantly telling myself I don't need one but oh dear I think it is time! I need to get a raincoat!

That got me to thinking about what sort of raincoats were used in the past and of course I found a heap of amazing photos that have gotten me all excited. Now I want to find the perfect raincoat!

Here are a few of the inspirational photos I found posted in order of decades-1920's to the 1960s:

Vintage Raincoat
 Circa Christmas 1926
Vintage Raincoat
 Jean Gabin in 1938's Port of Shadows
Vintage Raincoat
 A scene from 1949's Follow Me Quietly
Vintage Raincoat
 Actress Karen Blangueron in 1959 
Vintage Raincoat
 Circa 1950's
Vintage Raincoat
Groovy 1960's

Honestly I would wear every single one in those photos! Why the heck not? I mean even the wild colored groovy ones from the 1960's. They look fun right? 

But the practical girl in me seems to speak out before the fashionably daring part of me does and if I am going to score a raincoat it has to be something I can wear with or without vintage. My dream raincoat would have to come from the Burberry line (with a detachable hoodie) but like I said it is a dream raincoat. 

Do you own a vintage raincoat? If so, what era is it from?

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  1. What a delightful array of raincoats! I have two vintage raincoats that I love to pieces, a 1950's blue floral print one that was my grandma's and a 1960's red-orange Lanson Coat that I thrifted. Because neither have the slick raincoat material and we don't get that much rain, I'm more than prone to wearing them as regular coats on occasion. :) I hope you find one that works for you!

  2. I love the 60s raincoats! I have a few black vinyl ones but none as cute as the ones in the photo you posted.

  3. Definitely lots of lovely inspiration here - loving the 1938 one worn with the beret, that's classic! Thanks for sharing. P x


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