Motherhoods Sweetest Moments


In lieu of Mother's Day I wanted to share with you some photos I adore by some actresses that I personally find to have been particularly doting mothers. I included Grace Kelly, Norma Shearer, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Barbara Eden. They are and were such beautiful mothers. It hit me after I added the photos to this post that all of these mothers have since passed on minus Barbara Eden. Sadly, Barbara Eden lost her only child, Matthew in 2001.

I do believe that whether our mothers have passed on or the children in a mothers life have passed, you are always someones child and you will always be someones mother. The affects of a loving, devoted, kind, and guiding mother in a persons life is literally life altering and life affirming.

So, for this Mother's Day I will say that I hope it is a relaxing day for you all. For those of you who are yet to be mothers, remember that mothering doesn't start when you have children but rather on how you treat others and yourself.

Norma Shearer
Elizabeth Taylor
Audrey Hepburn
Barbara Eden

Happy Mother's Day to all my lovely readers!!

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  1. I love seeing these vintage photographs of mommies and their children. Gosh Norma Sheer is so glamourous in the image you shared. I'm surprised you didn't have one in there of Shirley Temple:) I know how you really like her too:)

  2. Oh, Happy Mother's Day!

  3. These are all so cute. This is a good topic. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  4. How immensely sweet and heartwarming! Beautiful, touching selection of photos, dear Daffny. I hope you and your family had a stellar Mother's Day celebration.

    ♥ Jessica


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