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After my visit with the Brooklyn Farmacy with my family earlier this month, I was contacted by the publisher of their book if I would like to review it and I excitedly said YES! I love this place and their book is just visually beautiful and contains a chock full of recipes that will make your mouth water.

As you go to the table of contents you will find that the book is divided into two specific sections. One is called The Stories, which include five chapters that cover the history of the soda fountain as well as the history of the Brooklyn Farmacy. The second section is called The Recipes, which include eight chapters that cover everything from how to get started, syrups and sodas, floats, egg creams, milkshakes, toppings, and baked goods.

I have never seen such a thorough and concise book that had both history and recipes on soda fountains in one place. I am honestly dazzled by this book. This is no ordinary recipe book. It will take you to a time and place where soda fountains were commonplace and the magic of old fashioned ice creams and milkshakes filled the bellies of the young and old.

I really admire how the owners Gia Giasullo and Peter Freeman have not only brought back such an iconic tradition as seen in their own soda fountain (the Brooklyn Farmacy) but they put together this incredible piece of history and made it available for everyone to learn and enjoy from. I am grateful that they have done this because so many wonderful things of Americas past are dying out, such as the drive-in movie theater as seen HERE.

By reading this book you will be able to learn how to create your own sundae toppings like Pie Crust Crumble, Banana Rum Crumble, and Apple Compote. But the very best part is that you will bring into your own home the joy of these old fashioned treats.
Brooklyn Farmacy
Brooklyn Farmacy
Brooklyn Farmacy

This book has so many delightful images of the tasty treats that they serve at the Brooklyn Farmacy. The one I knew I had to try out was The Sundae of Broken Dreams (the photo above). Tune in tomorrow when I share my rendition (or actually my husbands) of this decadent delight and the recipe as well.

If you would like to get your own copy of this delicious book you can find it HERE at Amazon.

** Special Thanks to the Brooklyn Farmacy and to Erin Welke**

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  1. Yummy shakies !


  2. guess what! I reveiewed the exact same book on my blog today I guess we thing alike

    retro rover

  3. Those look delicious! Ive never really looked into shake recipes or fountain soda recipes.

  4. Okay, my tummy is now officially rumbling! How fabulously lovely and delicious looking. It's a real shame that, by and large, classic soda counters have gone the way of the dinosaur. It's great to know that a hand of them still not only survive, but are thriving to the point of getting book deals. Good on them!!!

    ♥ Jessica


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