Graduations and Milestones


Today my son had his moving up ceremony. A symbolic ceremony where the little ones are then told they are ready to move up to Kindergarten. He danced with his class to "Happy" and did a little solo dance. Goodness, too cute. He was so proud. He had a massive giddy smile on his face all morning. I couldn't be more prouder.

It really does amaze me how one minute you are holding this unknown person inside of you and the next minute you watch them accomplish milestones. I watched him go from crawling on his knees to taking his first steps. Saying his first word and hearing his first laugh.

He's very different from his brother and sister. Sometimes I don't know what he is thinking or feeling because he is quiet (like his dad) about those things unlike his siblings who are very verbal like I am. But we have created a special relationship between the two of us.

I take great steps and pains to ensure I have a solid relationship with my children. I work hard at understanding them and finding the words to communicate which aren't always easy to do because they are all so different. But with my little man, he simply crawls on my bed, puts his head on my chest and we snuggle. We often nap together. Its bliss to me. Its our special thing. I like our quiet moments together and even though Mr. Cranky-Stubborn Pants can really give me a run for my money he is also so gentle and kind. When I have a tough time walking up a hill he is the one who stays behind and holds my hand and says,"Mommy I am going to help you, okay?"

Today was one of many milestones and graduations to come. A sign that he is growing up and slowly becoming the man he will someday be. Gosh, it really does go by fast. I felt grateful today to be there for him. Proud that he learned so much this year and really enjoyed himself. He had the very best teacher who was just magical. You know, the kind of teacher that goes above and beyond and you know who loves your child. I couldn't ask for a better teacher than the one my son had (photo of her below).


It's been getting humid here in New York so I opted for a simple yet vintagey inspired outfit. I wore my Boden telephone print blouse with my dark navy blue eShakti skirt. I wore a pair of red floral stud earrings and some of my moonglow bracelets that you can see more of HERE.


What were your most memorable milestones? Or the ones that meant the most to you?

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  1. How very sweet is this event? You look like a very proud mommy:) Such lovely words to say about your son, how sweet and heart felt. It's just like we got a sneak peak inside your diary. Love the little telephones on your blouse:) Congratulations to you and you son:)

  2. that telephone print is really pretty and congrats to your sun

    retro rover

  3. Your son is so adorable in these photos! And I just adore your outfit! The navy really balances out the novelty print quite well. :)

  4. Congratulations to you and your son! I absolutely love your outfit!

  5. Awwww…So sweet. You and your son look so happy. Congratulations. My youngest and only son just graduated from elementary school and while I'm know it's healthy for him to become more independent I miss our days together when he was in kindergarden. He went half days so while his sisters were in school I had him all to myself!

    I just found your blog from Chronically Vintage and I can't wait to explore! :)


  6. Oh thank you so much everyone!!! xox

  7. Red is soooo one of your most fabulous colours, dear Daffny! That blouse looks radiantly lovely on you - and really, could the pattern get any more adorable?

    Happiest congrats to your handsome little man! Here's to the hope that he has an awesome year at kindergarten come fall!

    ♥ Jessica

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