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I have had the best time watching Land Girls. I didn't know much about the history of the land girls but I did know that many single or married women without children were encouraged to join some sort of service for the war effort and many became land girls.

A land girl was a woman who worked the land, farmed, and worked as a farm hand for the farmers. In doing so they helped feed a nation in crisis.

What I didn't know about land girls was that it was formed during WWI and it was formerly called Women's Land Army. I also didn't know that we had such an organization here in the States as well called Women's Land Army of America. The one in the States was fashioned after the one in the UK.

This particular show aired from 2009-2011 and each series (season) included five episodes each. Doesn't sound like a lot, fifteen episodes in all but so much is covered. You follow the main characters of Annie, her sister Bea, Nancy, and Joyce in the first series as they experience love, betrayal, lost husbands, found husbands, murder, and lots of farming in between. In the second series you then follow Joyce, Connie, and Bea (now a married woman) as they face tragedy, forgiveness, suffering, and romance. Finally in the final series you follow Joyce, Connie, and Iris when they struggle to rekindle love lost, fight the secrets of their past, and rejoice in the future.

I didn't know what to expect when I started watching the series. I also didn't realize that the end of each series meant there were characters that I would never see again. It was a refreshing approach because these characters lives were left in an ambiguous state. To me it reflected a great deal of the state of mind and the state of life for everyone. No one knew what would happen next in their lives or where their lives would take them. All they did know is that they had to keep trucking along. 

I really enjoyed this show. I felt like it truly depicted how people would react to the various struggles and surprises that life threw at them. It was a different world entirely because it was a world at war.

Some questions I was left with after the last episode of the entire Series:

Does Billy survive the war?
Does Nancy ever find true love again?
Does Anne stay settled in a marriage of convenience for her entire life?
Does Finch ever go straight (not scamming or doing illegal things)?
Does Martin marry Iris?
Does Esther's husband ever come back from the war?
If he doesn't does she and Finch make it official and live out their lives together?
Does Lady Hoxley ever find happiness?
Is Dr. Channing truly a spy?
Whatever happens to Dennis Tucker?
Does Vernon Story get the noose? 
Does Connie make a good vicar's wife?

Were you left wondering anything? The last series ended very well but do you think they could have done more with Land Girls?

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  1. Did you watch Bomb Girls while it was on? It's over now. I liked it, but for Glady's being so promiscuous. LOL I just found your blog and love it btw.

  2. I want to see this so, soooo bad!!! I've finally started watching Call the Midwife (I'd seen a couple episodes here and there, but am watching the first season from start to finish now when I have a rare free hour in the evening) and this is the next series I hope to tackle.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I LOVED this show! I wish they'd make more!!

  4. I watched this a bit a while ago, but I really love their outfits! The sweet blouses with the overalls and boots are functional but stylish; I'd love to work this style into my wardrobe.

  5. I really wish my library system would get a copy of this series as well as Bomb Girls. Surely I can't be the only one around here interested in these programs?!? Maybe I need to enlist others in my email request effort though, because the last time I checked my library's "recently ordered" list, among the usual stuff (new movies, recent hbo series, etc) there were about 20 dvds on pro wrestling.... Funny, but sad at the same time.

  6. I loved this show! I think I watched all 3 seasons in an entire day lol. I absolutely love shows like these. Learning whilst being entertained; nothing better. But I will say I was a bit upset when Liam Garrigan didn't come back to play Henry in the third season. I loved him! lol :)

    1. I agree about Liam Garrigan. Do you know why he left?

    2. I agree about Liam Garrigan. Do you know why he left?

  7. i have to check out this show, hopefully i can find it somewhere ....

    my granny was kind of a german land girl.teeange girls got sent to the country side, to help farmers during ww2. she told me a lot of stories from this time. being a land girl safed her life back then, because she was working on a farm when our home city got bombed to dust (it was the test bombing for dresden).

    thanks for sharing!

  8. Love this show! bomb girls,call the midwife!!any suggestions please post! thanks for the site

  9. Why did Liam Garrison leave. He was much better as the Rev

  10. Why did Liam Garrigan leave I meant to say.

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