Must See TV: Murder on the Homefront


This week I watched the loveliest period tv film called Murder on the Homefront (2013). It is set during the London blitz in 1940 where the world was in chaos and in the midst of that chaos were people who took advantage by committing crimes, in particular, murders.

The film stars Patrick Kennedy as Dr. Lennox Collins who is a novice pathologist and his assistant Molly Cooper played by Tamzin Merchant (who is also now in Salem). Cooper shows interest when Collins is investigating a murder and asks if she could interview him for her newspaper. She handled the crime scene and the morgue so well that Collins hires her on the spot telling her that if she wants to be a true crimes writer (her long term goal) what better place to get inside information and inspiration than a morgue?

Co-starring is Emerald Fennell (who is also Nurse Patsy Mount on Call the Midwife) as Issy Quennell who is the crime scene photographer and a police officer named Freddie Wilkins (David Sturzaker) who is investigating the murders. Both work closely with both Collins and Cooper.

Murder on the Homefront
Murder on the Homefront
Murder on the Homefront

There is very little information about the made-for-tv film on the net but it is available on Netflix via dvd. I found it charming, fun, exciting, and it kept it on my toes. I have to admit British TV rarely disappoints me. And this one is a keeper.

You must see it to find out about who the murder is and to see the raw beginnings of forensic science all set in a backdrop of WWII and the London Blitz.

If you enjoy crime stories and period stories then this is a definite must see! I hope my review peaks your interest and you find it as enjoyable as I did!

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  1. Ive never heard of this show it certainly looks good and I love those costumes! Thanks so much for your well wishes for my pup

    Kate at Retro Rover

  2. Thanks so much for these movie and show posts. I have found so much good stuff due to them. I put this in my netflix queue and hope to get it soon. It sounds great.

  3. I watched this a while back when it was on PBS. I liked it. I wish they'd make a season two, but it appears to be a one-time thing.

  4. AnonymousJune 13, 2014

    I watched this a few months back when it was shown on UT PBS. Loved it! I, too, wish they would do a series out of it!


  5. I loved this when it was on! Murder and period dramas are such a good combination.


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