My {New} Vintage Jewelry Box


A week ago my family and I spent the day in Brooklyn. We have been calling Brooklyn "The Undiscovered Country" (homage to Star Trek of course) for ages. It's just not the place most native New Yorkers think of going because it seems so large and vast and unknown. So we are starting out with baby steps by reintroducing ourselves to a neighborhood we first hung out in during our college years in the 90's called Williamsburg.

Now, Williamsburg in the 90's was nothing like it is today. It was primarily filled with Polish families, simple ethnic eateries, and one or two shops-the end. Today it is like the Greenwich Village (aka the village as we call it) and Soho moved to Brooklyn. It's sort of trippy for us but we plotted along taking our kids to a special play area for a few hours and then hit an eatery nearby. I will definitely be writing posts about my findings and "discoveries" in Brooklyn and I will include them in regular posts as well as my Vintage New York series.

Today I want to share with you my special twenty dollar find at my new favorite shop called Junk Brooklyn. Having shopped both online and in stores both in NY and in MO, I feel like I know how much something should cost and what it isn't worth paying for.

I purchased a small-medium sized vintage jewelry box in a Antique Mall in MO and it cost me $11 dollars so when they told me that this large one was $20 dollars I knew I scored a great deal. I have been wanting to get a large one for ages because of my growing brooch, earrings, and sweater clip collections. I didn't know for sure if I wanted to buy it because it had a really ugly stain on top of it but the employee at Junk cleaned it up for me and that sealed the deal!

Vintage Jewelry Box

What I love about this jewelry box is that is has a compartment to lay down necklaces or other pieces right under where the necklaces are hung. It has hooks to hang necklaces which I think is so darn cool and it has a rod to hang other pieces like hoop earrings!

Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Jewelry

My other favorite part of this box is the drawer. I love compartments in just about anything because to me it means that I have more opportunity to organize and organizing makes me happy.

Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Jewelry

I placed most of my earrings in the drawer and my sweater clips which I will share with you shortly within the next week. I am sure as my collection grows I will need more space but as of now this jewelry box will be my go-to place for my favorite pieces and the pieces that I will use most frequently. I also have that small-medium jewelry box that I am no using for sunglasses and my blue train case that I store miscellaneous items.

Organization is key because it allows you to find and grab things on the go as well as know what you have and what you still need to get.

Do you use vintage jewelry boxes? Where did you find yours?

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  1. I so agree, anything that helps with my mission to organise all the things{!!} is always a winner in my books. I don't have a darling vintage jewellery box like yours {love that necklace hanging arrangement!}, but I do have a fabulous 'antique' looking box that I received as a birthday present many moons ago. I must say though, not only am I admiring your box, but also your extensive collection! Such a range of colours. It's lovely. ♡

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  2. what pretty jewelry and what a lovely box

    retro rover

  3. what do i like more? the box or all the beautiful treasures in there???

    i use two old asian jewelery boxes made from wood. one i found on a flea market almost ten years ago, the other one i purchased in a lovely antique store that sadly doesn't exist anymore ... most of my necklaces are hanging from a golden 50s chandelier. :)

  4. Wow, this is amazing! I didn't realize such jewelry boxes existed! Modern ones just don't quite cut it for me, but the necklace hooks and the earring rod and compartmented drawer... best ever! Not to mention you have a lovely collection!

  5. look at all that lovely vintage plastic!!!

  6. Goodness, this is astonishing! I didn't understand such gems boxes existed! Advanced ones simply don't exactly cut it for me, however the jewelry snares and the stud bar and compartment drawer. vintage engagement rings hatton garden

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