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A few months ago I watched an amazing mini-series called Flambards. It just blew me away! I enjoy a good epic story and Flambards hit the spot!

This mini-series was very popular (as are the books) when it came out in 1979. For some reason though there is little information on the making of the film or about the cast. I did compile a little "where are they now?" post that you can read HERE of what I could find out about them.

Then I found out that the lead actress, Christine McKenna actually wrote a book about her experiences filming Flambards and the journey she took on how to learn to ride horses. See when McKenna went to audition for the role they asked her if she knew how to ride a horse and she emphatically said yes! Once the cast was put together and training with the horses began they soon found not only didn't she know how to ride side saddle but she didn't know how to ride at all.

Why Didn't They Tell The Horses? is a charming account of McKenna's personal experiences on how to ride horses as well as how to deal and work with horses.

The book was published in 1981 and sadly this book is a very hard to find book. I lucked out because my best friend sent it to me as a surprise gift but otherwise it not only is a rare book but it is also quite pricey. especially if you try and buy it from the States.

I also lucked out that my copy is actually signed by McKenna herself! How neat is that?

Christine McKenna
K.M. Peyton
Christine McKenna
Why Didn't They Tell The Horses?

The book is an incredibly easy read with about 141 pages inside. There are a few photos of McKenna riding horses in the middle of the book which are nice to see.

This book is a must-have and must-read for two sort of people; those who love Flambards and those who love horses.

Have you seen this mini-series? Have you read the books? I haven't yet but its on my daily growing pile of books. I do think its time for me to re-watch Flambards (again), such a magical film.

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