Movie Madness Monday: Suspense


Being a cinephile means you love film. You love the art and medium of film, you love the storylines, you love the characters, and best of all-you love the way it makes you feel and think.

Every Monday I will share with you a few movie recommendations. They will include classic films and modern films set in various time periods, mostly the past.

I will include links to the films above the photo collage of the film and I encourage you to try them out. Many are available via Netflix, either by streamline or Dvd. If not you can find copies at your local library, Dvd shop, Amazon, Ebay, or even Youtube. A few rare films that are not available on Dvd yet I have found on Youtube so it is a great source for movie watching.

This first Monday in the series I would like to share with you a few films that seep with suspense. Suspense can be included in horror and thriller films. Thriller and suspense films typically go hand in hand as it has similar meanings. These films in particular will have you grabbing your nearest pillow to hold close to your chest and your eyes glued to the screen.

Actually I plan to only share films with you that will have you captivated, moved, and basically blown away. Because that is what makes movies so darn magical.

The Spiral Staircase

Les Diaboliques

The Haunting

Games 1967

Have you seen any of these films already?  What suspense films would you recommend?

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  1. I loved the Spiral Staircase!!! And I got another one for your list.. The Bad Seed!!!! That's a freaky one.

    1. Ohhh thank is a good one too Tara!! xox

  2. I liked The Haunting. I highly recommend watching Nightmares in Red, White and Blue. It's a documentary about the history of American horror and suspense films, starting with the silents. It gave me a whole list of movies that I want to see, as well as explaining how this genre changed to adapt to each decade's societal changed.

    1. I am going to look for that Andrea-thank you so much! xox

  3. I still have never seen the Spiral Staircase! I'm a big fan of mysteries from the 30s and 40s. Hitchcock is amazing, of course, and I love film noir! Have you seen Night Must Fall with Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell? It's creepy!

    1. I love HItch too Shannon! Ohhh I haven't and now I have to add it gahhh thank you! xox


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