Taking A Leap Outside The Box


Sometimes you just have to try new things albeit scary things in order to keep things spicy in your life. I am not known for being a fashionista but I think I clean up pretty good when I am out and about town.

I love to get dressed up with some place to go to whether it is a kiddie activity or something a little more romantic like dinner and a stroll with my husband. Dressing up every day doesn't fit into my lifestyle at this current moment but I make it a point of doing it as much as possible. I snag opportunities at every turn!

Dressing up is fun, isn't? And to be able to look and admire the style of others is also fun and I think, inspiring. What looks great on one person may not on another but we can walk away thinking to ourselves, "that color is fabulous" or "I need to try something different".

I'm taking a leap into sharing my various vintage and vintagey styles on Modcloth's Style Gallery. This is me taking a leap outside of the box.

I am so inspired by the ladies and outfits that I see in Modcloth's Style Gallery. I wanted to join in the fun, try something different, and heck-I have nothing to lose right?

Feel free to follow my style gallery HERE. I will be posting more photos as the days progress. It usually takes about a day or two for Modcloth to approve them.

I'm excited about trying something different and new. Have you thought about taking a leap outside the box lately?

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  1. Super cool!!! Do you need to be wearing an item purchased from (or at least also sold by) ModCloth in the photos you submit or can anyone submit regardless of where their garments and accessories came from? If the latter is the case, I might just have to try to work up the guts to join (forums and the like are usually not this ultra shy gal's cup of tea) myself.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Following you!! :) It's so much fun stepping out of our comfort zones sometimes. I've really been considering doing some different things with my hair lately. I am always so fussy about my hair. I like doing things I KNOW will look all right and won't get too messy, and so I don't often try new things. It's about time doing something different!


  3. Yes. I've been dressing up for everything except the grocery store and work. There was a time when women "dressed" up everyday. Sad that we've become so slack in our experience. Back then it wasn't "dressing up" to don a cute dress and hit the grocery store. I'd like to bring those days back. No more pajamas in public, people! LOL

  4. Thats so fun! Ive been wondering how the style gallery works. Do you have to upload strictly Modcloth clothing outfit photos?
    I want to make one too now!


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