7 Lessons That The Wizard of Oz Can Teach Us

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There is no place like home.

Not every home is a safe and good place to be in but what Dorothy means when she says those lines is that home is where the heart is. Her heart was always set on Aunty Em and Uncle Henry. Where they were would always be home. Where your loved ones are will always be home.

Getting rid of bad things is as easy as having a house land on it.

Purging your life of negative things isn't as complicated as people may make it to be. Changing your lifestyle, your friendships, or even simply purging your home of things from your past can allow you to put negative things where they really belong. In the trash.

Life brings the most unexpected friendships.

Dorothy didn't expect to make friendships with a Lion, a Tin Man, and a Scarecrow, but they created a bond that she would carry with her for the rest of her life. From the time we are little we embark on a journey that can bring us friendships and connections with other people that we never planned or expected. Making friends out of state, out of country, opposite gender, different lifestyles, etc. You just never know who you will connect with and many times it is those friendships that impact our lives for the better.

Believe in your own magic.

Dorothy had to believe in herself. She had to learn to believe in the power of goodness, friendship, and love. So, have faith in yourself. We fill our lives with faith in Gods, goddesses, and heroes but we forget to believe in the power of our own selves. We each carry within us magic and that we believe in it can sparkle not only in our own lives but in everyone else that we love. Magic is real. Believe that it is in you and that you can harness it.

A good song can soothe the heart.

"Somewhere over the rainbow...." Music at its best can soothe us, makes us feel happy, and bring us comfort. Someday Over the Rainbow is a reminder that a good song can bring us peace and calm us even when there are storms around us.

You are who you want to be.

Okay so the wizard isn't a bonafide wizard but he believes he is so therefore he IS! You believe you are smart, you are. You believe you are funny, you are. You believe you are talented, you are. There will always be people to question who you are or even tear into you but keep that belief that you know who YOU are.

Even our wildest dreams can be real.

Dorothy thinks everything she went through was a dream. What if it wasn't. What if the things you wanted most in this world were really far fetched and far off from your grasp. They can almost seem like a mirage. I am here to tell you that even our wildest and biggest dreams can come true and be real!

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  1. What an inspiring, beautiful, and very endearing post, dear Daffny. Being a homebody (albeit it one with quite the wanderlust streak, but a homebody all the same), I've often found myself reflecting on your first lesson (there's no place like home) and without tying them to the WoO so much (before now), some of the others in general, too. This really is a great post and it reminds us to look deeper than just the images dancing across the screen when we view a film.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I've really enjoyed your insight into the Wizard of Oz and this was a great way to wrap it up. These are great lessons, every one of them. I'll be focusing on my own magic and looking to music for calm and inspiration when I need. Thank you for sharing your take on this film and on life in general.

    Knitting in Pearls

  3. Thank you so much ladies! I really loved putting this post together. Came straight from the heart :)


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