Movie Madness Monday: New York, New York


In honor of my friend Beccie's (Sew Retro Rose) trip to New York this week, I am dedicating my Movie Madness Monday series to films set in New York!

The next few days I will share our vintage and city adventures with you all but until then here are a slew of note worthy films that had the city that never sleeps as its foundation and background:

King Kong

The Naked City

Barefoot in the Park

The Out of Towners

Have you seen any of these? I think I love them all and it would be hard for me to choose which is my favorite. Many films are created on a studio lot, in California, or abroad but to have a film set in the heart of New York I find to be really special. The Naked City really shows how old New York used to be-it will blow your mind! Actually they all will!!

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  1. Very fun post!!! So many great films have been set in NYC over the decades. Even for those who have never set foot in the bustling city, it almost feels like you know it firsthand thanks to the magic of Hollywood. Hopefully I can follow Beccie's lead and finally see it in person myself one day as well.

    Hope you two lovely ladies have a fabulous meet-up!

    ♥ Jessica


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