Must See TV: Breathless coming to PBS

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PBS is a magical station. I have been a big fan since I was a child and that channel introduced me to Sesame Street and Doctor Who.

In May I announced that PBS would be showcasing season two of Endeavour and now it will be showcasing a new BBC medical drama set in the 1960's called Breathless.

Starting this Sunday, August 24th at 8pm you can watch this new show either on the channel itself or online. I watch it online since I do not have cable but be aware those episodes are only available for a short amount of time. Dare I say for about a week or so the most.

I am eager to start this show as its already reminding me of a blend of Mad Men and Call the Midwife. As soon as I finish devouring it I will review here on my blog for you all. If you want to see a preview you can take a peak HERE.

Have you seen this show already? If not, are you excited to see a new medical drama set in the 60's?

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  1. I already have it set to record. So, yep, I'm excited. I'll even put on my sixties shirt. LOL

  2. Oooooh I love Madmen and Masters of Sex so I will have to look into Breathless!

  3. I watched it last night, and loved it! Zoe Boyle is such a good actress, one can hardly believe she played the demure Lavinia Swire on Downton Abbey!


  4. Very cool! It sounds like it's channeling elements of Masters of Sex and Mad Men in the same go. I've seen every episode of both of those shows and hope I can say that same for this intriguing new series one day as well.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I watched this show when it was on here in the UK earlier this year - enjoy! :)

  6. Oh I hadn't heard about this! Thanks for the information!

    Also totally agree that PBS is magical!



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