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I find beauty regimens fascinating. What people use, what works for them or doesn't, and what their rituals are is interesting. I also find most interesting are the beauty and fitness regimens of Old Hollywood starlets. They were glamorous, they were beautiful, and they used what worked for them and made it shine (of course with the help of others in many instances).

I think it's important to keep in mind many, many of these starlets were created to look the way they did but the studios, by makeup/hair stylists, and fashion designers. For example,  Audrey Hepburn would have each of her lashes separated by a safety pin to create that full lash look. Audrey actually had her professional makeup artist named Alberto de Rossi who did that for her.

But at the end of the day how they maintained their looks, kept fit, and looking their very best was up to them.

Joan Crawford was known to wash her face every morning with a sink filled with ice water and would splash it on her face multiple times. Marilyn Monroe is known to have used Erno Laszlo products religiously. Many starlets were also known to use petroleum jelly under their eyes and on their face overnight.

Whatever they used, boy, it worked for them. The likes of Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly were known for their great work as actresses but their were also known for their great beauty.

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blog, Old Hollywood Beauty and Fitness Secrets, Old Hollywood Blog, Retro Lifestyle Blog

I do believe strongly in taking care of oneself as best as possible no matter your age or lifestyle. Getting lots of rest, lots of sleep, drinking water daily, not smoking or drinking, and spending minimal time in the sun are all things we can do as our daily beauty ritual.

But if you want to learn more about Old Hollywood Beauty and Fitness Secrets, look no further. I found three fantastic books that may inspire and teach you a few things about Old Hollywood and their beauty secrets

Here are some great articles on Old Hollywood Beauty and Fitness Secrets:

Have you ever wondered what your favorite starlets did to maintain their beauty? Which actress are you most intrigued by?

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  1. Wait, I might have to try that safety pin thing. What a weird idea!

  2. Very interesting topic!! You're very right that while there were Hollywood stylists taking care of some of the little details, much of beauty comes from just taking care of yourself. Occasionally I wonder how some of these ladies smoked as often as they did and still looked so good into their later years! I'll definitely be checking out some of these articles!


  3. Ooooo, these articles and books look great! I'm going to check them out!
    I have wondered about this. Most older movie stars are so shapely (often due to undergarments, too, let's be real), but they don't seem to have a lot of muscle tone. It's interesting. Maybe these will give some good insight!


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