TCM Presents Gone With The Wind

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Another special anniversary is on its way to a movie theater near you! Gone With The Wind is celebrating its 75th Anniversary in style with special viewings sponsored by TCM and hosted by the always amazing, Robert Osborne.

If you are interested in seeing it on the big screen click on this link HERE and find out where they will be showing it nearest to you.

Some of you many already know but it was this very film that my grandmother introduced me to many years ago. It was this very film that she saw in the movie theater when she was just a girl and the one that changed my life forever. It was because of this film that I fell in love with classic film and television and began my love affair with vintage.

I hope to make it to the screening and hope that many of you will as well. If I do make it I will share with you my experience and I have a feeling it will be a very epic and special experience indeed. It just makes me wish my grandma were here to go with me to see it. Sigh.

Have you seen any classic films on the big screen? Are you excited about this special screening?

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  1. I was totally surprised to see that they are doing a showing in Alaska. However, I'm sad to see that it happens to be in a town that is a 7 hour drive from my little town in Alaska. I would absolutely LOVE to see this movie in the theater and had already planed an elaborate date night in my head. I hope you get to go, and share your experience with us.

    She Knits in Pearls

    1. Oh how neat that they have it in your state! But ugh 7 hrs is an insane drive! I hope to score my tickets by this coming friday-wish me luck!! I will definitely share!! xox

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for this I would have had no idea otherwise. I'm going to try to make it to one of the showings on the 28th. I should plan an outfit, and drag a friend along with me!

  3. I. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. It's one of my favorites!!! I quote it often.

  4. Good luck, dear Daffny. Fingers and toes crossed that you score tickets!

    ♥ Jessica


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