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The Practical and Vintage me cannot stop taking my eyes off of Boden's site. They are a UK clothing shop that has high quality pieces mostly with a 1960's flare. The practical me cringes when I see some prices but if the item is on sale (or I use a coupon. did I just say that?) or that item is a piece I know I would wear often and it is a classic piece-then yes. It is so worth it.

I mean ask yourself, do you want a closet with pieces you barely wear? My lifestyle says no. I need to be able to wear everything in my closet, love it, feel good in it, and have it for years to come. Hence why my eyes just gleamed when I  took a look inside the Boden site and saw what they have for the Fall. The best part aside from their quality is that so many of their pieces have that 60s flare to it. Its a vintage girls dream come true!

I know I have spoken to you about this shop before and let me say that Boden has no clue that I rant and rave about their pieces. I just love the fact that so many items are right up my alley style wise. I am also so happy that I can use some pieces to help me create a late 50s/early 60s look without the frustrations that I have had trying to find authentic pieces to my liking.

Without further adieu, here are some of my fall favorites with a 1960's flare:

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As those are just some of what Boden has for the Fall and the pieces just keeping getting more and more beautiful! Gahhh! I don't even know what piece to invest in first but I honestly do keep my eye out for sales and they do have them quite often.

What shops sell some of your Fall favorites for this year? Would you be tempted to shop at Boden?

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  1. That dog sweater (or jumper as they're called on the other side of the pond) is seriously darling! I was just commenting elsewhere in our vintage sphere yesterday we don't see enough dog print clothing, so it really is great to know that this British brand is all the ball there. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. You're so right about having a closet full of things that you actually wear and love and that will last. I'm a perpetual sale shopper, but lately I've gotten better about making sure that I buy something that I love that happens to be cheap, not just something cheap that I convince myself I'll learn to love.
    That pink, funnel neck sweater is so killer. The price is a bit steep for me right now, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on this site for sales and deals.

  3. Glad you liked it! I hope you do score some pieces via sale-they are a-mazing!! xox

  4. I feel like I wear "fall fashions" all year long. Love the season and the 60s kick to your picks. That pink pull over is perfection!


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