November Links To Love

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One of the joys of the internet is all the access to great and interesting stories that are just a few fingertips away. I am always finding inspiring or really unique stories that can connect us to our past from love letters written in WWII that united a couple to Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter beginning to emulate her late grandmother in the modeling world.

Starting with this month I am going to share a Links To Love post at the end of every month. The links I find come from all sorts of sources and I have read all the articles that I share.

Being the sort of girl who relishes in the history of the past and also in learning more about it, I figured in sharing the links that I loved with you that you too may walk away learning something new or being inspired.

A Vintage Nerd, Links to love, Vintage Blog, Vintage Article

A Vintage Nerd, Links to love, Vintage Blog, Vintage Article

Did you enjoy this first installment of Links To Love? Did you discover or learn something you didn't know beforehand? Which was your favorite link?

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  1. I had to favorite this post so that I can easily find it when I have more time to actually go to all the links. I love posts like this, they are some of my favorites to explore. I too have decided to do an end of the month list but have narrowed it to my 5 Favorites of the month.

    She Knits in Pearls

  2. Very much so!!! Wow, what a fabulous reading list. I've opened tabs for all those that I haven't seen already and look forward to savouring some great vintage reading this evening. Thanks for rounding all of these great stories up for us, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I totally love that we both have end-of-the-month link love posts now. Very cool!

  3. Love?
    Very much, dear! It's a perfect way to keep up with this vintage-world's going ons. :=



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