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My blog challenge is coming to an end. I cannot believe it has almost been a full year of blogging. Two snaps in the air for this gal. I blogged through everything a person can blog through and I am better for it. I am so proud of the changes I have made with my blog-its name, the design, and my approach to one of my biggest passions-vintage.

The new year is going to continue to bring about more positive change and hopefully heaps of growth but before this year passes through our fingers I wanted to thank you all for sticking by me. It hasn't been easy to deal with all the disappointments and simply all the messed up things that kept happening to me (ie losing 270 posts worth of photos) but continuing to get back on the horse is what matters.

I will be working on inserting all my missing photos in the new year and so excited about fixing that mess and not letting it destroy all the work I have put into AVN during the past year.

I asked my readers if they had any questions for me as a part of a send off to this yearly challenge and I have the greatest readers. I got asked seven fantastic questions and I had a blast answering them. A BIG thanks to those who asked me them.

I hope you enjoy this little peak into AVN and the girl behind it all.

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blog

What about the hubby? Is he as interested or just along for the ride?

My hubby. Oh poor dear. When I first started he was supportive for a one time thing but really didn't understand everything until over a year later. I have always loved vintage, classic films, old hollywood, but now that I think back on it all, I really didn't talk about it a lot when we were dating. I can see how he thought it was coming from left field. Once I explained that I needed something just for me, he began to slowly understand. Now he listens to my blogging ramblings, takes photos of me, and even comes up with ideas and events to attend. 

Since I know you are a great fan of movies (we all know that, from this blog) - What would be the sentence from an old-school movie that best describes your view of life and why?

I would have to probably say, "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night." ~All About Eve

I'm an optimistic person but as much of a dreamer of the impossible I am, for my own sanity I need to keep myself realistic as well. I think it is that I feel the need to be very honest with myself and those around me. The older I get the more I understand that life is a road of bumps and curves and surprise potholes. So brace yourself because it's going to be one heck of a ride!

Style-wise what is your favorite vintage movie or tv show and why?

This was a tricky one for me because they are so many. So I am going to just list a handful:
Gone With The Wind (1939): It was my first classic film and Scarlet's wardrobe was perfection. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it in a film. Breathtaking is the only way to describe it.
The Women (1939): Even the wacky eye dress that Sylvia Fowler wears makes me want to swoon. I love that they insert a scene in color but the thought of seeing all of the fashions of that film in color makes my water. Really. I mean it.
Rear Window (1954): Grace Kelly. Everything she wore was classic, clean, pretty, simple yet eye catching. I want everything she is wearing including her Mark Cross handbag!
Barbarella (1968): The costumes were very creative and literally out-of-this-world. And let's not forget how gorgeous Jane Fonda was in each of them!

What are your top three biggest "blogging victory" moments you've had as a blogger? Those big, milestone, I-DID-IT! moments?

I have to say in some ways I am still waiting for my blogging victory moments. Maybe some of these can be considered blogging victories but I will let you decide that for me because I am not 100% sure. I suppose preservering despite many, many setbacks is perhaps one, finding more of my voice in the blogging community is another, and maybe completing this 365 day blog challenge will be my third. I say perhaps because I think there are bigger milestones that will come. 

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blog

What are three vintage garments (or accessories) that were commonplace prior to the 60s, but which are rare (or almost unheard of) these days that you wish would make a mainstream comeback? 

Oh, this one is tough but so good. I would say the ensemble (used in the 1930's-includes matching dress and coats), Peter Pan Collared blouses and dresses (they are around but very hard to find), and brooches. I love brooches because they can add a dash of fun to your outfit but you rarely ever see anyone wearing one these days.

Do you feel that vintage blogging has a future?

In my humble opinion I think it does although I think the vintage topics need to reach more people. In order to do that there needs to be a nice balance between the past and the present, the old and the new. That way there is something for everyone to read and enjoy without sacrificing the love for the subject, in this case, vintage.

If you could visit anyplace in the world where would you visit?

At this very moment my biggest dream is to return to England. I have been there three times in 1994, 2000, and 2001 but as my tastes have changed, matured, and become more fabulous and I really want to return and delve into it. When I went those other times I visited friends and I did some things but I didn't really explore like I am ready to do now. 

The year spent blogging feels like bubbles being blown into the air with the hopes they fly high and someone will notice them and enjoy their wonder. I hope you have enjoyed A Vintage Nerd in this past year and stick around for more goodies in the new year to come!

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  1. Fabulous post! And I really admire your passion for your blog! It is very inspirational!


  2. You did a great job with your blog challenge and I read many many many of your posts even if I didnt' comment on every one. thanks for answering my question about your favorite film or tv show style and you made great choices. I love hearing what inspires other vintage bloggers

    retro rover

  3. Great post, and congrats on your 365 post challenge. Also the outfit you are wearing in the photo above is so adorable ;)

  4. Thank you all for the sweet and kind comments! It really did make my day!!!! xox

  5. I love these bubble pictures. So fun! Congratulations on your achievement coming to a very close end. I'm very curious to see what your last post will be in this challenge. I hope we see a trip to England for you in 2015!!

  6. Fantastic post and answers, sweet Daffny (I'm tickled pink that you included my question here - great clothing/accessory choices!). You really have been through a roll coaster this year on the blogging and personal front and I must say again how truly proud I am of you and incredible determination, hard work, and passion for all that you do with your blog and life as a vintage loving lady. You're an inspiration on so many fronts!

    ♥ Jessica


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