4 Tips On How To Spring Clean Your Vintage

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Spring cleaning can be so much fun. For me, its tough to start the process but once I do I cannot stop. I love the outcome of purging and sorting and tweaking things up a bit here and there. The best part of spring cleaning is that most of the steps you would use to clean out your makeup or your refrigerator are very much the same.

But when it comes to vintage I think it gets a tad bit tricky to maneuver.  Think about it. Vintage never goes out of style because its already dated. So how in the heck are we to find our way through all of our vintage items and decide what we will keep and what we won't? Most of us just tend to keep everything because of the "just in case" or the "you never know" factors. What happens then is we end up with piles and stashes of items that we don't use, never have used, really don't like, or even don't fit us properly.

One of the things I love about vintage dresses is how feminine and beautiful I feel when I am wearing them. But what if I have a dress that "sort of almost" fits me or that I love the color but not the decade its from? What is a girl to do?

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blog, Organizing Vintage, Tips on Spring Cleaning, How To Organize, Spring Cleaning

Here are four easy tips that may help you spring clean your vintage:
  • Don't go through all of your collections all at once. Do them in parts. For example, your dresses then your shoes then your jewelry then you hats, etc. If not it will really be too overwhelming to be able to use your good judgement on what you will keep and what you won't.
  • Lay out everything you have from that particular collection. Lay out all your dresses so you can see everything you have. Don't forget to pull out the ones that you have in other places. You really want to take a good gander at what you have.
  • Ask yourself what fits amazing and what doesn't. Don't keep things that you know do not fit you well. You want what you wear to feel good on you and you want to feel fabulous so wearing something that is ill-fitted will just make you uncomfortable and rob you of that fabulousity.
  • Separate your pieces that you have worn many, many times. If you have worn a dress many times and many people have seen you in it, put it away somewhere else. Give that dress a rest and your other dresses a chance to be wore and shown off.
I hope these tips help you in decluttering your vintage a bit and bring more order to your stashes of goodies. What tips do you use when spring cleaning your vintage?

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  1. I am SO guilty of not following number 1! I pull everything out, feel overwhelmed, cry and then shove everything back :P

  2. Great tips! I think #4 is good advice for any clothes vintage or not. Sitting frequently worn clothes aside, will help them last longer and force you to add variety to your daily wardrobe.

  3. Great tips, what I also do is donate my none vintage items and sell my vintage items on Etsy or Ebay. Internet selling is tricky, I learned when I sell on Etsy it can take more than a year or more for an item to sell, Etsy is still a lesser known website. Ebay is so popular that items sell within weeks or days. What I also learned when selling online is taking great photos and tons of details are very important for an item to sell quickly.


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