Finding A Vintage Style with A Modern Twist

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When you love vintage, in particular vintage fashion, you have two main options to work with. You can search for authentic vintage clothing or you can score yourself some reproductions pieces. For vintage most people thrift, hit yard sales, flea markets, and scour online sites like Etsy/Ebay. For reproduction most people shop via Pinup Girl Clothing, Freddies of Pinewood, Miss L Fire, Lindy Bop, and Bernie Dexter just to name a few.

Lately finding vintage seems to get more rare and difficult occurance. Most shops sell dresses only in a sizes x-small and small. Good on those who are but most women aren't. What is a girl to do who is having troubles finding the vintage she loves? Well, many go the route of reproduction.

But then what happens when a girl cannot afford the $150 dollar reproduction dresses and $200 dollar reproduction jeans? How about meshing your vintage stash with modern pieces or better still, your vintage pieces with modern dresses (just for example) that have a vintage flare. So technicially the dress wouldn't be vintage and it wouldn't be reproduction but it would have a tinge of vintage to it. Then you can add your authentic vintage accessories to your outfit along with a great hair style to boot.  Your end result will be a fantastically vintagey look all your own.

A Vintage Nerd, 1960s Fashion Inspiration, Vintage Blog, Vintage Inspired Fashion Blog, Retro Lifestyle Blog, Vintage Fashion Blog
A Vintage Nerd, 1960s Fashion Inspiration, Vintage Blog, Vintage Inspired Fashion Blog, Retro Lifestyle Blog, Vintage Fashion Blog

My cotton dress is from eShakti and my cropped cardigan is from Modcloth. All of the accessories I paired my outfit with are vintage minus my sunglasses, headband, and belt. I really think both accessories and hair/makeup can easily turn a modern outfit into one that resinates a vintage style.

Adding a little vintage really does go a long way. Have you experimented with different ways of expressing your vintage style? What do you think of simply adding a little vintage to your look compared to attempting to create a look that is entirely authentically vintage?

**Side Note: Thanks to one of my lovely readers for reminding me that sewing your vintage inspired clothes is another option. It totally slipped my mind!**

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  1. This is exactly what I do, the majority of my wardrobe is high street but with vintage accessories it gives a vintage twist and my own style!

  2. Your outfit is adorable! My favorite option is a third your own clothes from vintage patterns!

  3. I fine that hair and makeup make the biggest impact in outfits, in terms of making it look "vintage" or not. (And yet, I still haven't put aside time to learn...)

    For myself, I like a mix of vintage and not, just to keep in my comfort zone!

  4. Daphne,
    Terrific post! Two thimbs up.
    Here's my opinion: there is a limited amount of vintage clothes in the world. Most of it found it's way to the "western" countries (UK, Us, France, Germany.. Canada...). A lot of clothes from the age gone by was simply worn out till they fell apart - and then go tossed away - gone for good. The little of it that remain whole and wearable is right now:
    a) in someone's wardrobe or
    b) on the market (solely because of what you've noticed: they are too small for the "regular" folk to get into).
    Finding true vintage is becoming hard. It takes more effort, it's got less quality...
    so, yeas: I say it's more than OK to use a vintage pattern and make clothes. It's original to me - you get true to the age pattern, you get suitable material.. says WHO it's not authentic? :)


  5. I love your site. I'll definitely be back! Thanks for visiting Go Retro.

  6. Seriously lovely outfit! I am with you 110%! A huge component of my wardrobe is the section I call my vintage appropriate pieces. Items made in the last 20 years that look the old school part, but are thoroughly modern. My closet would shrink rapidly if those vanished and I hope that they never do, because they're very much the bread and butter of my daily looks.

    ♥ Jessica


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