A Letter To My Readers

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Happy New to you, my dear readers! I've been meaning to share with you some things so here I am writing a letter to you all.

So my life as a blogger has been this amazing cycle of change from the very first moment I got online in July 2011. I had many lows and challenges thrust upon me but I also had a lot of unexpected amazingness happen as well. 

I got published a few times in Vintage Life Magazine, I worked with some fantastic photographers, I interviewed  Karolyn Grimes who played Zuzu in "It's A Wonderful Life" which you can read HERE, and I even interviewed a NY Best Selling author which you can read about HERE. The fact that I am still here and blogging is awesome unto itself. At least for me.

A Vintage Nerd, Audrey Hepburn, Old Hollywood Letter Writing, Vintage Blog

If you haven't noticed the blogging world has changed a lot lately. With the wonder of Instagram and all sorts of new social media outlets more and more bloggers have either stopped blogging altogether or are attempting to reinvent their blog into something else.

I'm here to say that I am definitely not going anywhere as a blogger. I will be keeping my blog as a traditional blog and use my social media outlets as an extension of what I do as a blogger. I will confess to you that the last few months have been a struggle in balancing my fatigue (comes hand in hand with my disability) and juggling the demands of motherhood but just because I struggle doesn't mean I don't want to be on here doing what I love to do-writing, sharing, learning, teaching, inspiring.

I want you to know that you can still be creative or express yourself or be a blogger even if you have a tight schedule, children to tend to, or long hours at work to deal with. You can. I'm doing it but I am doing it on my own pace and not being a slave to my blog. I think its important to keep a balance.

A Vintage Nerd, Audrey Hepburn, Old Hollywood Letter Writing, Vintage Blog

Recently I have  gained a fresh new perspective and understanding about my creative process. First thing is, I NEED to be creative. I NEED my blog. I LOVE my blog. I LOVE being a vintage nerd. I LOVE challenging myself. And I LOVE connecting with all of you.

In order to grow as a creative person you need to keep things flowing in a way that adds to your life and not take away. My blog has never made me feel that way thank goodness but trying to keep up with the blog and vintage community has. So I decided no more of that. No more trying to keep up with the Joneses. What was I thinking? I simply cannot compare myself to those who have no children or who have more of a creative support system than I do. Doing that to yourself only hurts you. I feel like it poisons your way of thinking and creating and I no longer want to do that to myself. Funny thing is I didn't realize I was doing it until I asked myself why I felt frustrated all the time (about my blog etc). Be kind to yourself. It's what I am doing and its freeing me of all the silliness out there.

A Vintage Nerd, Audrey Hepburn, Old Hollywood Letter Writing, Vintage Blog

So here are the things I am working on and in the process of working on:

What is new at A Vintage Nerd blog
  • More outfit posts and fashion inspiration: Vintage, Vintage Inspired, and Pop Culture Inspired
  • A Vintage Nerd Supplementary Reading Section: On every type of post that I can, I will add websites, article and video links for further reading and learning
  • My You Tube channel will be on hiatus for a bit
  • I will be sharing my everyday and vintage nerd fun stuff on my Snapchat as often as I can. Drop by and say hi! Find me @ avintagenerd
  • Confidence building posts: You may have seen a bit of my AVN Confidence Challenge on my Instagram, Its my way to focus on the positive and it has helped, I don't do it everyday but I have done it a bit and I will do more confidence building posts

What you will get from reading A Vintage Nerd blog
  • How to incorporate vintage into your daily modern life
  • Reviews on classic film/tv shows as well as period films/tv shows
  • Insight into the Golden Age of Hollywood
  • Reviews on books steeped in the past
  • A dash of history and historical information
  • Finding joy in looking back on Pop Culture on Pop Culture Tuesdays posts
  • Celebrating body positivism as I continue to embrace my size 12 bod, my fabulous plastic leg braces, and better still, being a newly turned 40 year old woman 

I do hope you tune in when you can here at A Vintage Nerd blog and feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram. I am always happy to chat and exchange ideas or even collaborate.

Here's to a new year for us all to do the things we dared to dream and face our challenges head on!

With My Warmest Affection,

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  1. As always, I look forward to reading your posts Daffny, whatever they may be, about the things that interest you at that moment. I thank you for listing what you are aiming for your readers to get from following you but the key that keeps me returning to your blog is that you unaffectedly share your interests and passions and joy. I may not always comment (that disability related foggy brain of my own) but I do read with pleasure.

  2. I adore reading your wonderful blog you make it very home-y. I am super happy you are into giving praise to women who are not a single digit clothing size, us double digit women matter too. I agree about not being a slave to blogging I have a very busy schedule and can only blog once a week even though I would like to blog more often since there are so many cool things I've been doing lately. I do pre-scheduling blogs often which I am super glad my site has this available it makes blogging less stressful. And if I miss a week I will not feel to bad since I do not think of blogging as work but a fun hobby in which I can share the things I like and do. I agree with you about social media I have a twitter and a you tube account just as a way to introduce my blog too. I look forward to reading your more of your blog post.

  3. I think your outlook is great, Daffny! It is really easy to get discouraged about blogging, and with vintage blogging in particular, it seems, is easy to get caught in a comparison trap. You do what you do and continue to live "real life" outside your blog. Blogs are fun, but life is way more important! Thanks for being real!

  4. This wonderful post warms my heart through and through. Thank you for hanging in there on the blogging front (there really are fewer and fewer of us these days) and continuing to share your passion for the past with all of us, sweet lady. I've always adored your site and will be an avid reader for as long as it remains.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. More confidence building is always a good thing and I love outfit and inspiration posts too! I look forward to all the future brings for your blog, and however much quicker forms of social media are great, I still love reading blogs and writing mine.

    I'm very much plagued by that comparison monster though. I always have ideas and then others get to them before I've found the time! I've gotten to what I suppose is stage one: I realise that is what is making me sad, but then I don't really know what to do about it. If you have any magic secrets for getting beyond that, I'd love to hear them!

    1. See with my blog posts even though someone already post the same thing I'll post it any way not every one has the same thoughts and two different ideas on the same thing will absolute make it more interesting, one persons ideas and thoughts does not always speak for everyone.:)

  6. What a wonderful post! I am so happy for you Daffny. I can take some bits of advice for myself and my own blogging experience here, so thank you for that!

    So glad to know you know what to do!! Feels good doesn't it!! Congrats. :D

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb


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