Movie Madness Monday: Coming of Age

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I confess, coming of age films are my favorites. I love drama and romance and horror and suspense but films about growing pains hold a special place in my heart. My teen years were unforgettable and not to mention my pre-teen years. It wasn't the events or lack thereof, but the pangs and longings and loneliness during that time of change. I can still empathize with stories that deal with those subjects.

I know a lot of people just want to grow up and forget being a child or the pains of the teen years but I don't want to forget. I always want to feel a connection with my little self. I feel like it helps remind me that we are never all grown up but rather continuously growing and changing.

These films are some of my favorites. To Sir, With Love is on my top twenty favorite films of all times list. The last two really remind me of my days as a kid. Those sunny days in Manhattan, kids with their 10 speed bikes, Mister Softee on the corner playing his ice cream song, and not to mention the fire hydrants that were illegally opened for us to play in. Oh dear. I digress. The good 'ole days. I really love the rawness of these films and in particular the last two. You wouldn't be able to make films like those today at all.
Old Enough (1984)
A Vintage Nerd, Movie Madness Monday, Classic Film Recommendations, Old Enough

Have you seen any of these coming of age films? Would you be interested in seeing any of them? How do you feel about looking back at those coming of age days from your own life?

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