Movie Madness Monday: Wearing Habits

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I know some folks may have never met a nun, let alone one wearing a habit. Most orders today have left the habits behind and they have adopted more of a standard modern uniform type of dress code. Slacks with blouse or skirt with blouse and jacket, I know its rare to see one wearing a habit today but if you do it is something you may not forget seeing.

There is something beautiful about tradition whether you agree with it or not. I have personally known nuns my entire life. I even have a friend who is a nun. I confess, I like being around nuns. It's not an easy lifestyle to understand when you are on the outside but if you can open you heart to understanding, it really is a beautiful lifestyle choice.

I am happy to say that I have been able to witness the lives of some nuns and watching films about them can be seen as a little inside peak on what it could be like. I think the Nun's Story really captures that struggle. I have known sisters who dated before they entered the convent, some that entered as soon as they were eighteen, one who entered late in life, and one who left the order because of personal reasons. I also knew one who fell in love but decided to stay in her order as well as one who was the sister of a very well known celebrity. You can say I have known some nuns in my lifetime.

It is a lifestyle choice like marriage or the single life and not everyone can or is willing to understand the process of choosing a different lifestyle than others may have. I can tell you from experience it is worth trying to see, trying to know, trying to understand. I know its made me a better person. I'm glad of it.

I have enjoyed these films selections and hope will too. They will bring you back to old school ways of the sisters of yesteryear.

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  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2016

    My favorite of them all is the Trouble With Angels. Its so funny when they got in trouble for smoking in the basement and the fire department came. Plus the soap incident, LOL. Did you know there is a part two but with different girls and some the original nuns from the first film are in the movie too. The title of part two is Where Angels Go Trouble Follows, its not as funny as the first one but it deals with a lot of the things going on in the 1960s

  2. Very well said, dear Daffny. How beautiful that you've had your life touched and enriched by those in it who have opted to walk the path of being a nun.

    Many hugs & happy start of June wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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