Summer Reading Challenge with Out of the Past

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What is better than reading a few books on Old Hollywood? Joining a reading challenge about it! Out of the Past blog is hosting a Summer Reading Challenge dedicated to classic film.

So much of what influences my style and my blog is my passion for classic film. In film we get to laugh and cry with the people on screen who lived lifetimes ago. And frankly, its magical.

If you are interested in entering this reading challenge it's easy peasy. Just click on Out of the Past's link that I shared, sign up, choose 6 books to read, and then share your review on the link provided on the summer reading challenge page. The books have to be about some aspect of classic film. Once you enter your six reviews you will also be automatically entered into giveaway hosted by Out of the Past blog.

I love learning new things and this challenge is a great motivator to read some books that I have. I can't wait to share my thoughts about them with you.

So join me in this fun reading challenge if you can! These are my six selections and I will be sharing reviews on each of them shortly. Happy reading!

A Vintage Nerd, Old Hollywood Biographies, Classic Film Books

Books: Uncommon Knowledge by Judy Lewis /// My Way of Life by Joan Crawford /// Sunshine and Shadow by Mary Pickford /// You Must Remember This by Robert J. Wagner /// Trust Me by George Kennedy

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