New York Guide: 7 Iconic Coney Island Spots

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Coney Island is a must-go-to stop for all New Yorkers or those visiting New York. Although it is busiest in the summer, don't let the weather stop you from experiencing some vintage inspired fun.There are a lot of things to do in Coney Island but I am going to focus on the things that been hanging around here for a while.

  • Coney Island Beach: Was first "discovered" by Henry Hudson in 1609. It is here that so much amusement and fun was built around. The beach itself is about four miles long. The beach was at its most popular during the early portion of the 20th Century but popularity declined after WWII.
  • Coney Island Boardwalk: The boardwalk got its slow start after the Coney Island Hotel, a seaside resort, opened in 1829. After that the area became a place for the wealthy Manhattanites to come and frolic. Then in 1870 the area became bonafide day-trippers paradise once the Brooklyn Bridge was finished, connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan. The amusements parks then started rolling in and to accommodate all the hustle and bustle,  the Riegelmann Boardwalk was finally made. It officially rolled out on May 15, 1923. Just recently it has been made into a historical landmark. 
  • Nathan's Hot Dog: In 1916 a Polish immigrant named Nathan Handwerker started a nickel hot dog stand with a $300 dollar loan from two friends and his wife's secret spice recipe. This is the original Nathan's hot dog and eating here is must-do for all foodies and history buffs. It is as busy as ever and hosts the National Hot Dog Eating Contest every year. It's super tasty too!
  • Luna Park: Luna Park opened in 1903 and was one of three original iconic large parks built on Coney Island, the other two being Steeplechase Park (1897) and Dreamland (1904). The rides are still fun with all the beautiful colors that makes an amusement park a special place to visit.
  • Coney Island Cyclone: Made entirely of wood, this rollercoaster started giving it thrills and chills on June 26, 1927.
  • NY Aquarium: The NY Aquarium first opened its doors in 1886 but was located in Manhattan until 1957 when it made Coney Island its forever home.
  • Williams Candy Shop: Established in 1943 and still delivering delicious treats.

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blog, Retro Fashion Blog, Coney Island Wonder Wheel, Vintage Inspired Fashion Blog, Iconic Coney Island Spots


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  1. This may be one of my favorite posts of yours! I have wanted to go to Coney Island for ages, and I love what you have shared here, and I MUST snap photos at these places when we do get there someday!



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